Large Dream Catcher


Are you looking for a decoration that will make your living room unique? Do you want to finally have calm and prosperous nights? Or simply THE perfect gift for a close friend?

You've come to the right place! Here you will find a selection of Dreamcatchers with a length of more than 20 inches. Whether they are made of wood, organic materials or lace, there is something for everyone. So, why not yours?



The Large Dreamcatcher, a wall decoration for everyone!


Whether you are looking for a traditional or colorful DreamCatcher, with Indian feathers 🪶, Mandala designs, Tree of Life 🌳 or handmade, our wide collection of DreamCatchers will guide you to finally find your happiness!

In wich room should I place my Dream Catcher ?

A Dreamcatcher of this size can be placed in many places of your house like bedroom, living room, office... Without a doubt, these atypical decorations add a chic and exotic touch that cannot be found anywhere else.




Giant lace Dream Catcher, a touch of softness and elegance! 


A light and openwork fabric, Lace bring a touch of finesse as well as a wide range of colors, each one as radiant as the next! 🌈

Whether they are made of Silk, linen or Nylon... most of the Lace DreamCatchers are made with Spindles. The very fine stitches usually represent a floral or Mandala pattern.

Patience, Precision and Minutia are the fine words that best represent this Handcrafted know-how.




The advantages of our large format Dream Catchers


With our decorative Dreamcatchers, think in Larger dimensions. Enjoy and discover new horizons, new cultures! Find the model that suits you and replace it whenever you want. Add some character to your rooms and surprise your friends with your decoration. Decorate your interior according to your desires in a simple and effective way thanks to the Large Dream Catcher


Where to find and buy a cheap Large Dream Catcher? 

Dreamcatcher's House is an online store specialized in the sale of Interior decoration. We offer you more than 100 models of Giant Dream Catchers:  Indian, Traditional, Feathered, or colored... You will surely find your happiness in our selection!

How to hang my giant Dream catcher on the Wall ?

Here again, here is a crucial point: the installation. Who has never spent hours trying to install a garland, a picture or any decoration on the wall; it is never straight, it falls.. A real misery! With your new Huge Dream Catcher, putting up a wall decoration has never been so quick and easy.

Hang your wall decor with just a thumbtack or a nail. Whether in a bedroom, living room or office, the Dreamcatcher is ideal for creating an elegant and unusual universe! All the charm of the Bohemian style is now at your fingertips.




Large DreamCatchers from a completely handmade craft 🤝


Since nothing beats a unique know-how, most of our Massive Dreamcatchers are hand woven by qualified and carefully selected people.

The choice of handmade is a bet on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, the creations we offer are exclusive and all have a unique, authentic character with a traditional touch.

Whether it is a Dreamcatcher or any other interior decoration, handcrafted productions are durable creations.

Of course, one can ask the question of the price: A product resulting from Handcrafted production is often sold more expensive than the normal. However, it should be noted that these objects keep much longer. Then, it will occupy a real place in your decoration, will not lose any of its charms, and will wear more slowly. All of this with an object that no one else has the same!

Finally, DreamCatcher House favors a handcrafted production in the perspective of ecological transition. These processes allow us to limit the emission of greenhouse gases.

Buying a Large Handmade Dream Catcher allows you to preserve and perpetuate unique know-how, Handcraft, and the culture of Amerindian tribes in particular. The choice of the craft allows you to know better what you buy, the history of the product, its origin as well as the process of conception




Large Dreamcatcher and Totem AnimalsMeanings  🐾


Embody your Totem Animal by getting your huge Dreamcatcher and reveal your primal instinct!

In Native American culture, each individual had a Totem Animal that guided him throughout his life. Like the more contemporary astrological sign, each Animal had its own characteristics that man attributed to himself. Here are some of them:


  • The Eagle 🦅 : True spiritual guide, the Eagle has an unequaled power of observation. His wisdom allows him to carefully examine a situation in order to act at the most opportune moment. 


  • The Wolf 🐺 : Powerful Totem Animal, The wolf is very often associated with a protective image. Linked to the family, it represents power, intuition and primitive instinct.


  • The Bear 🐻: Strength, courage and leadership. In many cultures, warriors were associated with bears in order to intimidate enemies. However, the spirit of the Bear also symbolizes spiritual healing, calm and rest

Why choose a Giant Dream Catcher ?

Choosing an Extra large Dreamcatcher is choosing a truly warm atmosphere. Their large size immediately makes the feeling of emptiness on a wall disappear while creating a soft and soothing decoration.

A must in bohemian decoration, the dream catcher will reveal all its potential associated with plants, macramé suspensions and other natural decorations. It can also be used to make yourself a lovely bohemian headboard!

Bohemian Decor

Does the size of a Dream catcher matter?

Some will say that the more imposing the dream catcher is, the more it will retain important dreams. Let us recall however that originally, the Amerindians manufactured Dream Catcher of small size, they were then declined with the wire of time according to a great number of materials, colors and different forms. All this with a simple aesthetic and decorative purpose.
If you wish to follow traditional Native American beliefs and rituals, protect your sleep effectively and sweeten your nights, a small Willow Wood Dream Catcher will do the trick.
On the other hand, if the only project is to decorate your room in a unique and elegant way, the size of your dream sensor does not matter.

How to choose my Giant Dreamcatcher ?

Before going into the more technical details, we advise you to first study the decoration in which you wish to integrate your dream catcher.

Choosing a giant dream catcher can be difficult, but it's actually quite simple. First of all, you have to determine if it is rather rich in colors, loaded with elements or rather in clear tones and purified. All of this will determine what type of dream catcher is best for you. If you can't decide for yourself, you can always ask for an outside opinion about your decoration. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to take a fresh look at your own cocoon.

Once this is done, the goal is to find a piece that will blend perfectly with your decor. Try to find elements that remind you of existing elements in your home. For example: If you have natural wood furniture, you can perfectly orient yourself towards a Dreamcatcher with a wooden circle, so that the materials or colors offer a reminder with the element in question.