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Heart shaped Dream Catcher

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Heart shaped Dream Catcher
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Heart shaped Dream Catcher
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Heart Shaped Dream Catcher

Create the perfect boho decoration for your bedroom, living room or office and balance your emotions with this Giant Heart shaped Dream Catcher !

Symbol of life and dynamism, the heart has been used for centuries to represent all our emotional, moral and spiritual activity. The heart, at the origin of all forms of life, will help you to appease yourself and will bring you more serenity in your daily life.

Combined with the legendary virtues of the dream catcher, this handcrafted piece will create the perfect decoration for any room, or will be the best gift you can give to your loved ones!


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Rare thrush feathers (From natural moults)
  • Hand-woven wicker ring
  • Embroidered silk fabric rosette
  • Black and white recycled beads ♻️
  • Petrified olive wood beads

Total Length : 70cm 




Embrace Love and Protection

This Heart-Shaped Dream Catcher is a Symbol of love, hope, and the protection of dreams. This large and unique creation features five Heart-shaped hoops, carefully crafted to create a visually appealing and meaningful piece of art for your space.

At the center of this dream catcher is a Large heart-shaped hoop, surrounded by Three smaller hearts below. Additionally, two tiny hearts adorn the left and right, with a medium-sized heart at the center. Below the medium heart, you'll find another Small heart, forming a harmonious and striking arrangement.

All the hoops are cream-colored, signifying purity and serenity. Each heart boasts a cream web, intricately woven to symbolize the unity of dreams and the delicate balance of the heart's desires. In the heart's core, a dark brown bead shimmers, guiding dreams and intentions toward their fulfillment.

The dream catcher is adorned with white and black beads, representing the duality of life and the choices we make on our journey. Cream and brown feathers hang gracefully on the small and medium hoops, adding an extra touch of beauty and depth to this enchanting creation.

Why Choose this Heart-Shaped Dream Catcher?

Our Heart-Shaped Dream Catcher is more than just a piece of decor, it's a testament to the Power of love, dreams, and protection. The Heart-shaped hoops symbolize your heart's desires, and the dream catcher's role in safeguarding them.

With its cream color, intricate web, and heartfelt arrangement, it embodies the unity of dreams and the importance of protecting your aspirations. The dark brown bead at the center acts as a compass, directing your dreams and intentions on the right path.

This dream catcher serves as a reminder that love and protection go hand in hand with the pursuit of our dreams. It creates an ambiance of serenity, hope, and positivity, making it a perfect addition to your living space as a beautiful symbol of love and aspiration.


After discovering the allure of the multiple Hearts of this Dream Catcher, let yourself be carried away by the gentleness of its Brown Version ! Imagine yourself surrounded by these delicate feathers that float lightly in the wind, creating an atmosphere of lightness and serenity in your cocoon. If this giant dream catcher has awakened a sense of fascination in you, then you will be transported by the collection of giant dream catchers that awaits you. Each model is a work of art in its own right, created with passion and expertise. Explore this collection and let these Large dream catchers embellish your living space, adding a touch of mystery and elegance. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of these giant dream catchers and let your imagination soar to infinite horizons. Finally, your spiritual journey will find its peak in our Dream Catcher collection. These Unique Dream catchers are the keys to your inner journey, inviting you to transcend reality to reach unsuspected heights.

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