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Dream Catcher for wall

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Dream Catcher for wall
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Dream Catcher for wall
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Dream Catcher for wall

A Pink and White Dream Catcher for wall : Delicate, but Grandiose!

Whether you're looking for a Solution to your nocturnal troubles or simply an Atypical decoration that will make your room sumptuous? This Large Dreamcatcher is perfect for you!

Its multiple embroidered rosettes and its soft pink color will soothe your nights while giving a chic aspect to your decoration.


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Hand woven wicker hoops
  • Mandala embroidered in soft cotton flannel
  • Organic materials: Natural origin ♻️
  • Rose Quartz beads (semi-precious stone)

Total Length : 58 cm / 22.83"



Adorn Your Space with your Dream Catcher for Wall

Transform your surroundings with the elegant charm of this wonderful Dream Catcher, specifically designed for Wall decor. This captivating creation is not just an ornament, it's a symbol of positivity, protection, and dream weaving that you can proudly display in your home.

This unique dream catcher comprises five rings, each meticulously crafted with love and care. At the center, you'll find a large ring surrounded by three smaller hoops underneath, with an additional tiny ring nestled below them. Each of these rings embodies the unity of dreams and protection, creating a harmonious and visually striking arrangement.

Inside these rings, a white web is woven, symbolizing the delicate threads that connect our dreams to the universe. At the heart of this web, a single white bead gleams, representing the focus of our desires and aspirations.

Adorning the dream catcher, you'll find white beads, roses, and white feathers. These elements bring a touch of beauty and serenity to your decor while embracing the dream catcher's traditional role as a guardian of dreams and positive energy.

Why Choose this Dream Catcher for Wall?

Selecting this Rose and White Dream Catcher for Wall means inviting the soothing colors of rose and white into Your space. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this dream catcher embodies the essence of dreams and their connection to the spiritual world.

With its multiple rings, delicate web, and the interplay of white and rose elements, it symbolizes the unity of dreams and their journey from the dreamer to the cosmos. The white bead in the center serves as a beacon for dreams and intentions, directing them toward the fulfillment of your aspirations.

This dream catcher for the wall is more than a Piece of decor, it's a representation of your dreams, aspirations, and the universe's role in making them come true. It's a visual reminder that your dreams deserve to be protected and nurtured, creating an ambiance of hope, positivity, and serenity in your living space.


If this Dream Catcher for wall has invited you to explore the energies of balance, get ready to immerse yourself in sweetness with the Dream Catcher Beads. Let yourself be surrounded by this delicate hue that soothes the soul and envelops your space in a soft and soothing atmosphere, where dreams flourish in tranquility. Imagine yourself enveloped in this pastel infusion that diffuses a vibrant harmony in your space, inviting you to healing, fulfillment, and spiritual connection. If the grandeur and beauty of this giant dream catcher have conquered your heart, you will be delighted to discover our collection of Large dream catchers. Each piece is carefully designed to capture the essence of your bad dreams and offer you optimal protection. Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and spirituality by exploring this unique collection that will transform your space into a place filled with positive energy. Our Dream Catchers from the Dream Catcher collection reveal their true essence: an invitation to transcend time and space. Come and close your spiritual journey by immersing yourself in these ancestral symbols of the power of dreams!

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