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Star Dream Catcher

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Star Dream Catcher
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Star Dream Catcher
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Star Dream Catcher 🌟

Place your sleep under the protection of the Powerful Star Dream Catcher. Its well-known qualities will catch your bad dreams and burn them. With its Beautiful Star Shape and Wonderful colors, this gorgeous Wall hanging will also make all your guests jealous. 

The promise of Quality nights, warmful ambiance and Wonderful boho decor !



Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Leather Hanging rope 
  • Brushed Iron Star : Slight and Strong
  • Combed Cotton Flannel

Total Length : 80 cm / 31.5"

Total Weight : 53 g / 1.87 oz



Discover the Magic of your Star Dream Catcher

Your Star Dream Catcher is a unique and enchanting creation that brings the wonder of the Night sky into your space. Crafted with care and precision, this dream catcher embodies the celestial Beauty of the stars while retaining the essence of dream catching.

The dream catcher features a hoop in the Shape of a star, painted in a soothing blue hue that mimics the evening sky. At the center of the star, a delicate light brown web is intricately woven, symbolizing the interconnectedness of dreams and the universe.

Hanging gracefully under the star are numerous laces in various shades, including brown, blue, white, and grey. These laces represent the diversity of dreams and the multitude of experiences that the dream catcher safeguards.

Why Choose the Star Dream Catcher?

Selecting the Star Dream Catcher means inviting a touch of celestial magic into your life. This captivating creation is not just a piece of decor, it's a representation of the vast universe and the power of dreams to connect us with the cosmos.

With its Star-shaped hoop and intricate web, it pays homage to the beauty of the night sky. The laces in a variety of colors symbolize the diverse nature of dreams and the dream catcher's role in filtering them to let only positive energies flow through.

This Star Dream Catcher serves as a reminder of the dreams we all hold dear and the uncharted possibilities that the universe has to offer. It's a token of hope and inspiration, encapsulating the enchantment of the night and the promise of a new day.


If you've been captivated by the elegance of the Star Dream Catcher, allow yourself to be enchanted by the allure of this impressive Dream Catcher with Heart. Picture yourself surrounded by this enchanting giant Dream Catcher, where intricate feathers and Heart symbols intertwine, inviting you to delve deeper into the realms of the subconscious. If the mesmerizing beauty and enigmatic aura of this Dream Catcher have resonated with you, then you're in for a treat with our collection of Large Dream Catchers. Each piece is a testament to the profound connection between dreams and the spiritual journey, offering you a glimpse into the mysteries of the universe. Explore this collection and let these majestic Dream Catchers guide you on a transcendental voyage, where every thread tells a story of wonder and enlightenment. As you embark on this final leg of your spiritual quest, our Dream Catcher collection awaits, ready to unveil the secrets of the cosmos and ignite your soul with its celestial essence.

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