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Heart Dream Catcher

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Heart Dream Catcher

Free your emotions and open yourself spiritually with your Giant Dream Catcher and its beautiful Heart!

For centuries the heart has been a symbol of life and dynamics, it represents all our moral, emotional and spiritual activity. The heart at the origin of all being is an essential to our good balance. 🤎

Make the right choice and develop love, compassion and tenderness by pairing it with the virtues of this Giant Dreamcatcher. It will also make an original and poignant gift to express to your loved ones what is on your Heart!


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Rare Ara feathers (Natural origin ♻️)
  • Tan Stone (Semi-precious)
  • Hand-woven Wicker Ring
  • Embroidered silk fabric rosette

  • Total Length : 45 cm 




    Heartfelt Dreams Come True with your Heart Dream Catcher

    Embrace the Power of love and positivity with your Heart Dream Catcher. This delicate and enchanting creation adds a Touch of romance and warmth to any space, making it the perfect addition for those who seek to invite love and positive energy into their lives.

    At the core of this dream catcher is a Heart-shaped hoop in a soft and inviting cream hue. The Heart shape symbolizes love, affection, and compassion, creating a visual reminder of the power of the heart's desires. It's a symbol of heartfelt dreams and the potential for their realization.

    Within the heart-shaped hoop, you'll find a cream web, delicately woven to capture only the most positive and loving dreams. This web acts as a filter, allowing the love and warmth to flow through while protecting you from negative energies.

    Beneath the heart hoop, wooden beads dangle gracefully, creating a natural and earthy connection. Wooden beads symbolize grounding and stability, making them an ideal addition to this dream catcher. The combination of white and cream feathers further enhances the dream catcher's light and airy energy, evoking feelings of purity and serenity.

    Why Choose the Heart Dream Catcher?

    Selecting our Heart Dream Catcher is an invitation to infuse your space with Love, positivity, and heartfelt dreams. Its heart-shaped design signifies a desire for love and warmth, creating an environment where love can flow freely.

    This dream catcher is more than just a decorative piece, it's a symbol of the heart's desires and a conduit for positive energies. The wooden beads and feathers contribute to its earthy and grounded energy, ensuring that your space remains connected to the natural world.

    Choose the Heart Dream Catcher to transform your surroundings into a sanctuary of love and warmth, where heartfelt dreams are nurtured, and positivity abounds. Whether for your home or as a gift to someone special, this dream catcher is a beautiful reminder that love is at the center of everything.

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