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Dream Catcher Wedding 

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Dream Catcher Wedding 
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Dream Catcher Wedding 
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$89.99 $57.00 

Dream Catcher Wedding 

Want to Decorate your home in a chic way while Capturing your dreams? Metamorphose your decoration with this Giant White Wedding Dreamcatcher!

This Giant Dream Catcher is adorned with numerous white fumigated feathers all suspended by a sturdy leather cord. Wooden beads and fine lace will add a touch of innocence and purity to this Splendid Piece of Art.


Details of the Large Dream Catcher

  • Silk lace : Manual weaving
  • Untreated wood ring
  • White goose feather
  • Petrified wood beads

Total Length : 93 cm / 36.6"




Dream Catcher Wedding: A Symbol of Love and Protection

The Dream Catcher Wedding edition is more than just a decorative piece, it's a symbol of Love and protection, perfect for your Special day. Crafted with a brown wooden hoop and an elegant white doily inside, it captures the essence of purity and unity. Beneath this hoop, brown laces gently hang, adorned with soft white feathers and delicate cream beads. This dream catcher is not only a beautiful addition to your Wedding decor but also a powerful emblem of positivity and safeguarding your new journey together. The dream catcher's traditional purpose of filtering dreams and energies takes on new meaning during this auspicious occasion. It's a lovely reminder to let love, positivity, and harmony flow freely while filtering out any negativity. Add a touch of symbolism and grace to your wedding with the Dream Catcher Wedding edition, and let it stand as a unique representation of your love and aspirations for a harmonious life together.

Why Choose the Dream Catcher Wedding?

Selecting the Dream Catcher Wedding edition for your special day is a choice that goes beyond aesthetics. This dream catcher symbolizes the essence of love, protection, and the promise of a harmonious life together. This wonderful creation embodies purity and unity, making it a fitting addition to your wedding decor. The brown laces, adorned with soft white feathers and cream beads, radiate positivity and safeguard your new journey.

But the Dream Catcher Wedding is more than just a decoration, it's a powerful emblem of love and protection. Just as a dream catcher filters dreams and energies, this edition filters out negativity, allowing love, positivity, and harmony to flow freely. Your choice of this dream catcher not only adds beauty to your wedding but also infuses it with deep symbolism, making it a unique representation of your love and the promise of a bright and Harmonious life together. So, choose the Dream Catcher Wedding to infuse your special day with an aura of love, positivity, and protection that will linger in your hearts for a lifetime.


After discovering the Dream Catcher Wedding, get ready to marvel at the majestic spectacle of the Galaxy Dream Catcher. Imagine yourself surrounded by delicate feathers gracefully dancing in the wind, echoing dreams and aspirations that come to life in this suspended work of art. If you were transported by the beauty and sophistication of this giant dream catcher, then you will love exploring the collection of giant dream catchers that holds many surprises for you. Each model is a true work of art, created with passion and precision. Dive into this world of refinement and discover giant dream catchers that will add a touch of elegance and magic to your interior. It is at the heart of our Dream Catcher collection that your dreamy journey finds its fullness. Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of these Dream Catchers that reveal the magic of your mind!

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