DreamCatcher Temporary Tattoo


You would like to tattoo a Dreamcatcher to show the world your dreaming side, but you don't dare to take the step? You don't know where to get your tattoo?


Don't panic! Find the one that suits you best with our Dreamcatcher Temporary Tattoos, so you can test the sensation of having a tattoo without taking the risk of getting a real one.




The Dreamcatcher Temporary Tattoo, the perfect compromise!


Still unsure about getting a tattoo? Our DreamCatcher Tattoos are here to help you make the right choice before you take the big step!




Feather Dreamcatcher Tattoo 🪶


Tattooed feathers, already filled with meaning, are often associated with DreamCatchers! Thus, they support the idea of protection against bad dreams.

In the Native American culture, the feather is quite often revered, as it is synonymous with a close link with the afterlife. A symbol of lightness, wisdom and freedom, it reinforces the spiritual connection attributed to the Dreamcatcher.




Colorful Dream Catcher Tattoo 🌈


Whether you prefer to stay classic with black and white or dare to be extravagant with more colorful patterns, our multiple models will satisfy you!

Rainbow shades, out of the ordinary or gradients... There's something for everyone, so why not yours?




Totem Animal and Dream Catcher Tattoo 🐾


Embody your Totem Animal and reveal your primal instinct by proudly wearing your Dream Catcher Ephemeral Tattoo.

The association of mammals or birds in Tattoos makes sense, especially with the Dreamcatcher symbol: Very often, we assimilate an Owl or a Wolf for their wise and spiritual side 🦉




Do you want to finalize your room decoration by honoring the Native American culture, why not proudly display a dream catcher that you made yourself ? To get started, discover our Dream Catcher Kits and design your own Dreamcatcher from A to Z!