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Bead Dream Catcher

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Bead Dream Catcher
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Bead Dream Catcher
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$59.99 $47.00 

Bead Dream Catcher

The Purple Bead Dream Catcher, THE Must-have for a Bohemian Decoration!
Do you despair of finding the Unique decoration that will make your home look sumptuous? The virtues of your Bead Dream Catcher will embalm your living room thanks to its soft caress of Lavender and its Colored pearls.


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Feathers made of Eco-responsible organic materials ♻️
  • Mandala woven from fine combed cotton thread
  • Beads made from petrified wood

Total Length : 63 cm / 24.8"



Elevate Your Space with Our Multi-Colored Bead Dream Catcher

Prepare to be immersed in a Tapestry of colors and textures with your Bead Dream Catcher, a dazzling work of art that adds vibrancy and character to your surroundings. This dream catcher is a visual symphony, a testament to the beauty of diversity and creativity.

Crafted with boundless creativity and meticulous care, it features not one, but two vertical hoops, each one a distinct size, offering a delightful contrast. At their heart, a mesmerizing black web becomes the canvas for a captivating interplay of violet and Dark brown beads, each one a testament to the kaleidoscope of life's colors.

But what truly sets this Bead Dream Catcher apart are the feathers that grace it. Purple and black feathers dangle gracefully, adorned with rich Violet brown beads that add depth and contrast to the design, creating a dynamic visual experience.

Why Choose This Bead Dream Catcher?

Selecting your Bead Dream Catcher is an invitation to celebrate diversity and creativity in your space, infusing every moment with the energy of Bold colors and vibrant textures. Hang it proudly to symbolize the richness of life and the ever-changing tapestry of experiences.

The vibrant interplay of violet and dark brown beads on the black web celebrates the diversity of life's colors and experiences. The feathers, adorned with Wonderful brown beads, create a sense of depth and contrast, inviting you to explore the intricacies of this visual symphony. Choose this Bead Dream Catcher not just for its visual appeal but for the profound connection it fosters with the kaleidoscope of life and the dreams that flourish in its presence, creating an atmosphere of dynamic creativity in your space.


If this wonderful Pearl Purple Dream Catcher enchanted you, let yourself be transported by the Dream Catcher Wedding into a world of gentleness and serenity. Imagine yourself immersed in the enchanting energy of a precious stone, whose shimmering reflections blend with the intertwined threads of this Giant Dream Catcher, creating a subtle harmony between natural forces and manifesting dreams. If you were captivated by the power and magnitude of this giant dream catcher, then you will be dazzled by the collection of giant dream catchers that awaits you. Each model embodies the majesty and grandeur of these iconic spiritual objects. Discover a variety of patterns, sizes, and materials that will awaken your spirit and inspire you daily! With emotion, we invite you to explore our Dream Catcher collection to complete your spiritual journey. Each Dream Catcher is a rare gem that will accompany you throughout your journey!"

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