About Us

About Us

Dreamcatcher House is the Number 1 reference in the sale of Authentic Indian Dream catchers !

Our mission begins in 2019, when we realized that entire generations of traditions were slowly dying out. The making of Dreamcatchers goes back hundreds of years and has been passed down among North American tribes over time.

Unfortunately, these rites tend to disappear slowly in the same way as the last Amerindian tribes.

It is in the Hope of safeguarding that the DreamCatcher House was born !

Our goal is to Transmit to the world values that are dear to us through a civilization that matters so much.


Who is Behind The Dream Catcher House ?


Lucie, the founder of the DreamCatcher House, laid the first stones of the edifice in 2019 with one goal, Share a passion and Gather people around it. "Suporter of Decoration and Bohemian chic, I wish to reinvent the pejorative image that we have of the Bohemian. This is done through Unique and Trendy creations to create a Warm atmosphere within your home ! "


Our Mission

It is in the hope of Safeguarding that the DreamCatcher House was born!

Our objective is to transmit to the whole world values which are dear to us through a civilization that counts so much.

We try to maintain the flame of a culture that has been shining for so many years and to make it discoverable to as many people as possible.

So, whether you are a Bohemian, Dreamer, Free Spirit, or simply a Fanatic of Natural Decorations, we wish you a warm welcome to the Dreamcatcher House family !