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The Dreamcatchers History

Where do they come from ?

The dreamcatcher is a small talisman originating from very ancient tribes in North America. Rather small at the origin, the dreamcatcher was used in order to protect the sleepers from bad dreams during their sleep 💤

Over time, the dream catcher was passed down through different tribes, until it reached the United States in the 70s-80s ! However, the real origin of dreamcatchers remains in the heart of Native American culture.

What are they used for ?

According to the American Natives, dream catchers filtered good and bad dreams during the night. Their weaving, like a spider's web, imprisoned the harmful thoughts to burn them at first light. While good dreams, slide along the feathers to the mind of the dreamer

Their use Today

Today, dream catchers have been adopted worldwide. Their use has been modified a little, but the mystical charm of this talisman is still unchanged!

Dreamcatchers are hung in the bedroom, living room, office... Whatever! Now used for decorative purposes, the Dreamcatcher is a true creator of atmosphere.


Macrame Dream Catcher

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Asibikaashi, the Spider Woman

I welcome you as a dreamer's apprentice!

Do you want to tame your dreams and soothe your nights? Then you've come to the right place. Here, you will surely find your happiness among all our dream catchers.

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Authentic DreamCatcher

DreamCatcher's House is the number one authority in the sale of Authentic Native American Dream Catchers in the United States.

Our mission begins in 2019, when we notice that ancient American Native traditions tend to disappear as the years go by. Among them, the design of Dreamcatchers! These beautiful little creations are an integral part of the culture of the North American Indians. Unfortunately, these ancestral skills are less and less transmitted.

We decided that it was our duty to honor their traditions by making Authentic Indian Dreamcatchers available to as many people as possible!

Thus, we have the chance to share and transmit this common passion to the generations that will follow us.

Bohemian Decoration by DreamcatcherHouse

Dreamcatchers are decorative crafts that have been used for centuries by First Nations and Indian cultures to filter out bad dreams and let good ones through night air. Simply made from a wooden circle, multicolored ribbons and woven cloth, these dreamcatchers are often hung near beds or hung on walls to pave the way for dreams.

Dreamcatchers are often handwoven from willow and twine, with feathers, beads and other embellishments added for color and texture. Beige, pink, brown, black and turquoise are popular colors for dreamcatchers, but they can also be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, ranging from black-and-white to pastel to bright, vivid tones. There are also a number of textures ranging from simple beige feather patterns, to white macramé, to the most unique dreamcatchers such as the starry Dream Catcher, with natural feathers, floral weave or crochet lace.

In addition to their decorative purpose, dreamcatchers also have deep symbolic meaning for many cultures. According to Indian legends, dreamcatchers are believed to capture bad dreams in their webs, allowing dreamers to sleep peacefully.Other folk beliefs suggest that dreamcatchers can help interpret dreams, attract the attention of great spirits and protect against nightmares.

It's easy to make your own dream catcher at home, with a few basic tools such as fabric, string and embroidery floss. Many online tutorials offer detailed instructions on how to make a dream catcher, with creative ideas for customizing your own dream catcher using materials such as shells, feathers and beads.

Whether you buy or make your own dream catcher, they make a beautiful addition to any bedroom or living space, offering a touch of ethnic charm and dreamy softness. Hanging by the window to enjoy the daylight, or hanging over the bed or in the living room for a zen-like atmosphere, dreamcatchers are versatile decorative items that can be enjoyed by all.


How Dream Catchers Work ?

Dream Catchers are intricate and culturally significant items that are believed to originate from Native American traditions. They are not just beautiful pieces of art but are also steeped in symbolism and purpose. To understand how Dream Catchers work, we need to delve into their fascinating mechanism.

At the heart of a Dream Catcher is a circular frame, traditionally made from willow, although modern versions may use other materials like metal or plastic. This circular frame represents the web of life, and it's the foundation upon which the entire Dream Catcher is built.

  1. The Web: Stretching across the circular frame is a woven pattern that looks like a spider's web. This web is meticulously crafted and symbolizes the path of life and the interconnectedness of all living beings. It is believed to catch negative dreams and energy like a spider's web captures insects.

  2. The Center Hole: In the center of the web, there is a hole. This opening is essential as it allows positive dreams and energy to pass through while trapping and filtering out negative ones. The hole is often adorned with decorative elements, such as feathers and beads.

  3. Feathers and Beads: Hanging from the bottom of the Dream Catcher are feathers and beads. These are not just decorative but serve a purpose too. They are believed to help guide the positive dreams and energy that have passed through the center hole down to the dreamer below while the negative ones are caught in the web and dissipated.

The working principle of a Dream Catcher is deeply rooted in spiritual beliefs. It is thought that when a Dream Catcher is hung above a person's sleeping area, it acts as a protective talisman. As the dreamer sleeps, the Dream Catcher filters their dreams. Negative dreams are trapped in the web and neutralized, while positive dreams and energies are allowed to flow freely through the center hole, descending upon the dreamer like a gentle, positive influence.

It's important to note that Dream Catchers are not just beautiful ornaments but also carry profound cultural and spiritual significance. Understanding the mechanism behind them helps us appreciate their role as symbols of protection and the preservation of positive energy in the Native American tradition.


Our Handmade Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers have been handmade for hundreds of years by Native American tribes. This craft has been passed down for generations and is an integral part of the local culture.

Our production workshops are made up of artisans carefully recruited to design dream catchers faithful to the ancient models.


How to make a Dreamcatcher?

Making a Dreamcatcher may seem difficult, even insurmountable for some. In reality, it is really very easy and within the reach of everyone!

Early Native Americans made their first Dreamcatchers within the tribe using a simple wooden Circle and cord. Today, it is possible to use many different tools and create many different styles. Indeed, the rings are often made of metal, we add lace, ribbon, pompoms ... in short, everything we like!

Moreover, you can add to your Dream Catcher any ornament. Whether it is wooden beads, precious stones, diamond, feather, natural flowers, crystal beads ... In short, anything that could add a touch of fantasy!

To design your own Dreamcatcher, simply select the most appropriate tools to complete your creation.
Unfortunately, you don't have time to go to a craft store to find the right size ring, then find a store that sells feathers, then beads and accessories... In the end, it's a real headache!

That's why DreamCatcher's House has gathered especially for you the best materials in ready-to-use Dream Catcher Kits. Rings, beads, feathers... In short, everything you need so that you can finally design your own decorative dream catcher at a low price. So what are you waiting for to make your own wall decoration?

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Large Dreamcatcher

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Dreamcatchers have been around for centuries and their popularity continues to grow. Originally used by Native Americans to protect people from bad dreams, dreamcatchers are now a popular way to decorate your home and enjoy a healthy, restful night's sleep.
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The Importance of Dream Catchers Today

Dream Catchers have transcended their origins in Native American culture and have found a meaningful place in modern society. Here's how they continue to be relevant today

  1. Decorative Elements: Dream Catchers are widely used as decorative items in homes and other spaces. Their intricate designs and vibrant colors make them appealing additions to interior decor. Modern artisans create a wide variety of styles to suit different tastes, ensuring that Dream Catchers can complement any aesthetic.

  2. Symbol of Positivity: In a fast-paced world filled with stress and anxiety, Dream Catchers have become symbols of positivity and serenity. Many people hang them in bedrooms or meditation spaces to create a calming atmosphere. They serve as a reminder of the importance of filtering out negativity and embracing positive energy.

  3. Handmade Craftsmanship: The appreciation for handmade and artisanal products is on the rise in modern culture. Dream Catchers, often crafted with care and precision, align with this trend. Many individuals seek out handmade Dream Catchers to support artisans and add unique, handcrafted pieces to their surroundings.

  4. Spiritual Connection: While Dream Catchers have historical roots in Native American spirituality, they have also become a part of the broader spiritual and New Age movements. Some individuals incorporate Dream Catchers into rituals, meditation practices, and spiritual ceremonies as tools for enhancing positive energy and intention.

  5. Gifts and Souvenirs: Dream Catchers are popular choices for gifts and souvenirs. They make thoughtful presents for various occasions, from birthdays to housewarmings. Their cultural significance and aesthetic appeal make them memorable and cherished gifts.

  6. Cultural Appreciation: Many people today use Dream Catchers as a way to appreciate and learn about Native American culture. While it's essential to respect the cultural significance of these objects, their widespread use can foster greater awareness and understanding of indigenous traditions.

In modern culture, Dream Catchers have evolved beyond their original purpose as protective talismans. They have become symbols of positivity, creativity, and cultural appreciation. Whether hanging in a nursery to soothe a baby's dreams, adorning a yoga studio for spiritual practice, or simply gracing a living room wall for aesthetic appeal, Dream Catchers continue to hold a special place in the hearts of many in today's diverse and multicultural world. Their enduring relevance showcases their adaptability and timeless appeal.