Dream Catcher Kit


DIY Dream Catcher Kit


If you are looking for a new original decoration, you can create your decoration. But how? Today, we can make a lot of changes with a few things! You can reorganize all your decoration with just paint and make a huge difference. Assemble your first dream catcher with these kits and transform your home!

This little totem created by the American Natives was first used to protect children against nightmares. They were hung over the beds to catch any evil spirits trying to get into the baby's mind.


Now, they are mainly used in interior design. Their mystical and atypical style impresses people.




Why choose DIY ? 


1 - Save money

It's a fact! How about getting in your car, going to the first store to find a ring, threads, and beads? Isn't there a ring there? Now you're looking for a craft store. In the end, you'll have too many materials for a dream catcher and it will cost you a fortune!

Fortunately, we have collected the best materials for you in special kits. With them, you can make your first native dream catcher step by step and at low prices!


All our boxes are complete. This means that you will receive all the materials you need to create a Dreamcatcher.


 2 - Sens of achievement 

DIYs put to the test our skills. Have you ever created an American Native Dream Catcher? If not, I don't think you have the know-how.

This is not a problem! With the help of our beginner's guide, you will be accompanied from the beginning to the end of your project. And then, you will be able to create authentic Dreamcatchers without help!

What could be better than the sensation of ending your wonderful decoration? Taking up a challenge and achieve is one of the best feelings.

This work will help you to focus, increase your calm and precision. And why not discovering a passion and skills for this Artwork?


3 - Create your own design!

Of course, you can choose to use all the materials, but you can add your personal touch too! You are free to add feathers with different colors, personalized beads, or whatever you want to decorate your Dreamcatcher.

Depending on your skills, you can make a multi-ring dream catcher, add pendants or try adding some macrame elements.


4 - Ecological alternative ♻️

As we said before, you can reuse old objects to decorate your new dreamcatcher. This will add your personal touch and give a second life to an object that you wanted to throw away.

This new way saves natural resources, our environment, energy and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is a very important mission for us and everyone.

In addition, you will feel a huge satisfaction when you will save and create a new history for your old stuff.


5 - Better Quality

This will be your creation, that's why you will do your best self to create a good and strong dreamcatcher.

The French like to say "There are no bad tools, there are only bad workers", that's the DIY mentality! If you do your best, you may not create the perfect piece on the first try. But you've learned new skills, you can be proud and say "Now I know how to do this." You'll do it again, and it'll be better than the first time, you'll gain confidence, and you'll do it again and again! That's the power of DIY.


6 - Share and Improve!

Whatever you like, you will easily find people who share this passion around the world. Especially now with the internet, there are many forums and communities for many different thematics.

You will talk, learn and share your experience with other enthusiasts, just like you. This common passion will help you to create rich relationships, improve yourself and discover new know-how!




About our Dream Catchers kits


We took our time to choose materials that fit perfectly together. Our suppliers have been carefully chosen to provide you strong and durable Dreamcatchers. All this while keeping the price affordable!

By choosing one of our kits, you will get all the tools you will need and even more! Each DIY box contains a complete guide to help you if you feel lost at every single step. In addition, a special team is ready to help you for free by e-mail if this is not enough!


Discover here a Full tutorial explaining How to make a Dream Catcher !




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