Macrame Dream Catcher

What is the Macrame ?

The art of macrame dates back centuries and involves the Knotting of threads. The earliest macramé creations were knots primarily used for fishing, and later for making clothes, curtains, towels, and more.

Macrame is distinguished by its simplicity and versatility. Using ingenious and Creative knots, macramé artisans weave stories by intertwining threads and cords to create delicate and captivating patterns. Each creation is the result of meticulous patience and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

The possibilities offered by macramé are endless. From Wall hangings to tablecloths, bracelets to Plant hangers, macramé allows for the design of a wide range of functional and aesthetic objects. Carefully chosen threads, whether they are made of Cotton, Linen, or Jute, add a unique texture and dimension to each piece.

By skillfully combining traditional knotting techniques with contemporary elements, macramé is constantly evolving, adapting to current tastes and trends. Whether you are drawn to modern geometric patterns or the elegance of organic forms, macramé offers you a range of possibilities to create artworks that will awaken the imagination and bring a warm touch to your interior.


Where do Dream catchers come from?

The dream catcher comes from the American Indian culture and comes from several legends born in different tribes. Specifically, the very first Dreamcatchers are associated with the Ojibwe people, an indigenous people spread between the United States 🇺🇸 and Canada. 🇨🇦

According to legends, the families of the tribe were protected by a spider woman who answered to the name of "Asibikaashi". 🕷️ Considered a protective goddess, she wove webs where the tribe resided to protect them from evil spirits during their sleep.

Over time, the tribe grew and the spider woman was no longer able to protect all the families. As a result, she asked the women of the tribe to make the spider's web out of cloth and hang it on a wooden ring. 🕸️

The first dream catchers that were made were hung over the beds of newborns and young children to protect them. This is how the dreamcatcher was born. Then, It was popularized by other tribes and has crossed the years and centuries until today to become a real decorative object with strong symbolism.


Why a Macrame Dreamcatcher ?

Over the years, the dream catcher has gradually become an essential object of decoration and fashion. There is a multitude of variations of the dream catcher, whether in terms of products, shapes, colors and especially in terms of materials used. Among these materials, cotton macrame threads are perfectly suited to this type of creation. Moreover, Macrame and the bohemian spirit have values in common with the symbolism of the dream catcher, namely lightness, freedom and well-being.

Feathers are also a central element of the dream catcher. Symbols of love, goodness and wisdom, the feathers of the dream catcher appeal above all for their inspiring design, calm and lightness.

In macrame, the feather occupies a prominent place, it is found on many creations such as wall hangings, or jewelry in macrame. The association between the Macrame feather and the dreamcatcher seems obvious, which is why the macrame dreamcatcher has become increasingly popular in recent years.

A macrame dream catcher is basically a ring of sage wood with spider web threads. However, this charming spiritual suspension immediately became a fashion effect in the world of decoration. Nowadays, the materials used have changed somewhat: Today, you can find metal, or bamboo hoops, wooden beads, feathers and textiles such as cotton, rattan, wool, linen string or hemp thread.

Feathers, symbols of goodness and love, are also a more than present element in this type of interior decoration. According to the myths, they are used as a ladder to guide the dreams to the spirit of the sleeper


How to make a Macrame Dream catcher ?

Do you want to make your own Macrame Dreamcatcher? Nothing could be easier. Start by gathering the necessary elements to make it.

Like the American Natives before, you'll need a sage wood circle. If not, another type of softwood will do just fine. You can also use a metal ring (available here). You will have to cover it with string to embellish it, softening its texture and feel.

Wondering what materials to use to create your macrame dream catcher? In fact, any customization can take shape in your hands! The general aspect of the macramé dream catcher must remain light and airy, but all tastes are allowed and everything is possible.


Macrame dream catchers meanings

Feather Macrame 🪶

What could be more seductive than the perfect marriage between the dream catcher and the essential Macrame feather? Adored for its finesse and lightness, the macramé feather will greatly contribute to creating a warm, cocooning and enchanting atmosphere in your bedroom or living room. Fall for the incomparable charm of a macrame feather dream catcher.

Owl Dreamcatcher 🦉

A huge symbol of peace and wisdom, the owl and the dream catcher are a strong association. For the Native Americans, the owl represented a being that protected against evil spirits during the night. As the guardian of the night and the moon, if its feather is placed in a room, it will transmit its knowledge to the occupant while they sleep. 💤

Her feathers are often used in the composition of amulets and to increase the effects of rituals. 🪶

Moon Dream Catcher 🌙

If you are looking for a dream catcher to hang by your bed and are sensitive to the multiple protective benefits it can bring to the quality of your sleep, discover our Macrame moon dream catcher. These adorable creations will give you a feeling of calm and comfort. Choose a soft and subdued light to get the coziest result possible.


The Large Dream Catcher has become a very trendy decoration object and can be used to decorate a room as well as a living room. It is the perfect opportunity to complete your decoration in a bohemian spirit !