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dream catcher kit

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Boho dream catcher kit

Do you want to impress your friends and family ? Are you looking for a chic and boho interior design ? 

Then, let's make your own Dream Catcher !


  • Iron ring, High tensile strength and durable
  • Fumigated feathers 🪶
  • Green cotton thread
  • Organic beads 💚


Dimensions :  

- Diameter : 12 cm

- Total Length : ~50 cm  

You are ready to make your first dream catcher, but how ? 

 - Let be guided by this complete kit. You just have to read the instructions, and follow them. It sounds really easy ! Just for you, we have selected the best materials you will need to complete this artwork.


What does this Boho kit contains? 

- Fixation tools

- Cotton Thread 

- Tinted feathers x 5 

- Organic pearls x 10 

- Stainless steal Pendant 

- Iron ring (Diameter 12cm)

- Fastening rope, thine, light and resistant.