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Build your own dreamcatcher kit

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Build your own dreamcatcher kit

Are you looking for a beginner kit to build your own dreamcatcher ? You're in the right place ! 


  • Iron ring, Very resistant and robust
  • Coffee cotton thread
  • Natural feathers 🪶
  • Organic beads 🟤


Dimensions :  

- Diameter : 12 cm

- Total Length : Approx. 50 cm  

With the help of this great Kit, you will able to make your own American Native Dreamcatcher. This guide will show you step by step how to create your beautiful decoration. 

You don't wanna spend much time to fine the ring that fits perfect, the right feathers or thread ? We heard you ! This special box contains everything you need ! Then, what are you waiting for to start ? 

Package contents 

- Fixation tools

- Cotton Thread 

- Tinted feathers x 5 

- Organic pearls x 10 

- Stainless steal Pendant 

- Iron ring (Diameter 12cm)

- Fastening rope, thine, light and resistant.