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Dream catcher craft kit

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Dream catcher craft kit

Check out our beginner craft kit to easily create your first Dream Catcher !


  • Iron ring, High tensile strength and durable
  • Fumigated feathers 🪶
  • Rose cotton thread
  • Organic beads 🌸


Dimensions :  

- Diameter : 12 cm

- Total Length : ~50 cm  

Are you afraid to start making your own Dreamcatcher for your beautiful home decoration? You don't know where to start to find each wooden stick, beads or the right thread?

Don't waste any more time, you're in the right place. The Dreamcatcher House team cares about the feedback from its customers, and has prepared this Dream catcher craft kit especially for beginners !

Easy to handle and fun, the realization of the Dream Catcher will beautify your decor. It should take about 1 to 2 hours to complete depending on your skill level.

Our starter kits are perfect for learning the basics of macramé making without having to over commit to expensive supplies and materials.

What's in the box ? 

- Fixation tools

- Cotton Thread 

- Rose Tinted feathers x 5 

- Organic beads x 10 

- Stainless steal Pendant 

- Iron ring (Diameter 12cm)

- Fixing rope, thine, light and resistant. 

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