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DIY Dream Catcher Craft

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DIY Dream Catcher Craft
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DIY Dream Catcher Craft
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DIY Dream Catcher Craft, let's make your perfect bohemian decor !

Step into the realm of creativity with your DIY Dream Catcher Craft kit, the perfect blend of artistic expression and mindfulness. Unleash your inner artisan as you embark on a journey to craft your very own dream catcher, bringing a touch of bohemian elegance to your space.

This comprehensive kit provides you with all the essentials to customize your dream catcher to match your style. From an assortment of feathers and beads to high-quality threads, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. The easy-to-follow instructions make this DIY project accessible to crafters of all levels, ensuring a satisfying and fulfilling experience.

Create a masterpiece that not only captivates the eye but also holds sentimental value. As you intricately weave the web, let the rhythmic process bring a sense of calm and relaxation, making this not just a craft but a therapeutic escape into the world of creativity.

Hang your finished DIY dream catcher with pride, and let it serve as a symbolic guardian of your dreams and aspirations. Whether you gift it to a friend or adorn your own space, your personalized creation will be a testament to your artistic prowess.

Embark on the journey of self-expression and craftsmanship with the DIY Dream Catcher Craft. Order your kit now and elevate your decor with a touch of handmade charm. Sweet dreams and happy crafting !


Details of the Dream Catcher Kit

  • Irong ring, lightweight, high resistance 
  • Natural Fumigated Feathers
  • Handwoven Cotton Thread
  • Quartz and Wood beads   🪵


Total Length : 30 cm / 11.8"


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