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Diy dream catcher kit

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Diy dream catcher kit

Discover our beginner kit to easily create your first dream catcher !


  • Iron ring, High tensile strength and durable
  • Fumigated feathers 🪶
  • Black cotton thread
  • Organic beads ⚫


Dimensions :  

- Diameter : 12 cm

- Total Length : ~50 cm  

You don't know where to begin your project? You want to make a dream catcher but aren't sure what materials you'll need? Or, at least, you don't know where to look for them?

You've arrived to the correct location ! The Dreamcatcher House team has taken your feedback into consideration and created a unique beginner's dreamcatcher kit just for you !

Package contents 

- Fixation tools

- Cotton Thread 

- Tinted feathers x 5 

- Organic pearls x 10 

- Stainless steal Pendant 

- Iron ring (Diameter 12cm)

- Fastening rope, thine, light and resistant. 

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