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Authentic cherokee Dream Catcher

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Authentic cherokee Dream Catcher
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Authentic cherokee Dream Catcher
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Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher

The Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher: A traditional talisman, a sublimated decoration!
Does your decoration lack charm and exoticism? Dare to break the codes and bring the Amerindian culture to your home with this Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher!

Its magnificent chiseled wooden beads will add to the refinement of its natural feathers. The rosette pattern in cotton flannel, very resistant, will bring balance and solidity to the whole.


Details of the Native American Dream catcher

  • Organic materials(iron ring, combed cotton flannel)
  • Urubu feathers from natural moults
  • Pine Stone Beads

    Total Length: 50 cm 



    Experience the Essence of Spirituality with your Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher

    Prepare to embark on a journey into the heart of Cherokee culture with your Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher, a testament to the Deep spiritual traditions of this revered Indigenous nation. This dream catcher is more than an ornament; it's a vessel of Ancient wisdom and connection to the spiritual world.

    Crafted with the utmost reverence, it features a pristine hoop, adorned with the symbolic colors and patterns that define Cherokee culture. The intricate web within the hoop, woven with the precision of generations, cradles a sacred bead at its center, an embodiment of the timeless Cherokee wisdom that guides your dreams.

    But what truly sets this Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher apart are the laces that cascade from the hoop. Each lace is a symbol of the connection between the earthly realm and the spiritual world, adorned with feathers that dance like whispers from Ancestral spirits. As they sway and flutter, they evoke the sensation of being guided by ancient wisdom and enveloped in the embrace of Cherokee spirituality.

    Why Choose This Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher?

    Selecting our Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher is an homage to the rich spiritual traditions of the Cherokee people and a commitment to protecting your dreams with the wisdom of their ancestors. Hang it proudly in your space to infuse every moment with the essence of Cherokee spirituality, a connection to the land, and the enduring power of their cultural heritage.

    The intricate web and central bead symbolize the depth of Cherokee wisdom and the connection to their ancient traditions. The laces and feathers serve as a conduit to the spiritual realm, offering guidance and protection as you sleep and dream. Choose this Authentic Cherokee Dream Catcher not just for its cultural significance but for the profound spiritual journey and connection to ancestral wisdom it brings to your life, creating an atmosphere of deep reverence and protection in your space.



    Who were the Cherokee ? 


    The Cherokee, often referred to as the Cherokee Nation, are a Native American people with a rich and complex history. They are Indigenous to the southeastern United States, primarily in what is now known as the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

    Historically, the Cherokees were a Semi-nomadic people who lived in villages and practiced agriculture, growing crops like corn, beans, and squash. They were known for their Craftsmanship, creating intricate woven baskets, pottery, and carving beautiful wooden masks. 


    As you admire the elegance of this Genuine Cherokee Dream Catcher, you already feel connected to the essence of this millennia-old tradition. But don't stop there! Continue your spiritual journey by discovering the Boho Dream Catcher and let it open the doors to a dream world full of wisdom. If you loved this unique piece, you will be delighted by our Native American Dream Catcher collection. Explore further and discover how each item brings warmth and spiritual upliftment to your interior. Finally, explore the Dream Catcher collection, it is the culmination of your spiritual quest. It is where every detail embodies serenity, spirituality, and the magic of dreams!

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