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Dream Catcher Tribal

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Dream Catcher Tribal
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Dream Catcher Tribal
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The Dream Catcher Tribal, THE perfect Native American decoration!


Do you want to put an end to nocturnal troubles and bring prosperity to your nights? This Handmade Purple Dreamcatcher is for you!

Over the years, the dream catcher has come in many different colors and shapes. We present it here in one of the most classic forms, without taking away all its charm!



  • Designed entirely by hand
  • Natural pheasant feather 
  • Semi-precious materials (Jasper stone, Onyx pearl and Howlite) 
  • Dimension : About 17"


An unequalled know-how!

These unique handicrafts are designed by specialists to recreate as faithfully as possible these Native American talismans that fascinate so much. 




Embrace Tradition with the Tribal Dream Catcher

Delve into the wisdom of generations with the Tribal Dream Catcher. This exquisite creation beautifully blends time-honored tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

Crafted with meticulous care, this dream catcher features two concentric rings in warm and earthy shades of orange and brown. The larger ring encircles the smaller one, creating a visually striking design. Suspended between these hoops is a delicate web, elegantly woven in creamy tones, with a single dark brown bead nestled at its heart. This central bead represents the core of your dreams, where the energies of the universe converge to bring forth profound revelations.

But what truly sets this dream catcher apart is its feathers. Cream and light brown feathers dangle gracefully from the rings, their gentle sway reminiscent of a soothing tribal dance. In the world of Native American tribes, feathers hold immense significance, symbolizing communication with the spirit world and the pursuit of higher truths.

Allow this Tribal Dream Catcher to not only safeguard your nights from troubling dreams but also to bring you closer to the Ancestral wisdom and Spirituality of the tribes. Whether you're looking to connect with your roots or simply appreciate the aesthetics of tribal art, this dream catcher will serve as an enchanting addition to your space, inviting serenity and deeper insights into your life. Choose this extraordinary piece to embrace a sense of unity with the past and present.


If you have a fondness for authentic craftsmanship, then this Dream Catcher Craft should catch your eye, it's the Cream Version of your Handmade Dream Catcher. More than just decorative objects, these creations embody the essence of nature and the simplicity of handmade craftsmanship. Discover how they can add a touch of authenticity to your home. The authenticity and beauty of Handmade Dream Catchers are within reach. Explore our complete collection and discover how these unique pieces can enhance your inner well-being while adding a bohemian touch to your living space. The Dream Catcher collection marks the end of your journey, but also the beginning of a new spiritual experience. Each Dream Catcher here is a gateway to peace of mind and spiritual elevation. Explore them and finally find the inner peace you seek!

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