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Small dream catcher Keychain 

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Small Dream catcher Keychain

Take this little dream catcher keychain everywhere you go and stay protected from bad thoughts at all times ! With its unique design, you will impress everyone around you. 

Pure symbol of peace, stability and positive energies, the yin yang symbol will lead you to a calmer and more serene future. 

Hang it everywhere !

Its small carabiner can easily be attached to your keys, bag, cell phone or anything else you want. 

Details of the DreamCatcher Keychain

  • Iron ring, light and resistant
  • Onyx pearl ⚫
  • Natural Feather 🪶
  • Black crystal 
  • Iron Yin yang 
  • Iron Feather


  • Dimensions : 7.28 x 0.98 in  ( 18,5 x 2.5 cm)
  • 24 g 


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