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Handmade dream catcher keychain 

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Handmade Dream catcher Keychain 

The dream catchers were a real protection for the natives. It was a blessing from Asibikaashi, the spider woman who protected them for many years. Hang it on your keys and its kindness will follow you wherever you go !

Nazar boncuk (The evil eye)

Often used by Muslims, the evil eye is an amulet intended to protect its owner from evil and envious people. When the Nazar boncuk is broken, one knows that it has done its job: it has repelled evil ! Now you have to replace it with another one. 

Hang it everywhere !

Its small carabiner can easily be attached to your keys, bag, cell phone or anything else you want. 

Details of the DreamCatcher Keychain

  • Iron ring, light and resistant
  • Blue Apatite pearl 🔵
  • blue macaw Feather 🪶
  • Fluorite chrystal 
  • The Devil eye, Iron Feather 🧿
  • Dimensions : 5.51 x 1.18 in  ( 14 x 3 cm)
  • 21 g 


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