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Red Dream Catcher

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Red Dream Catcher
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Red Dream Catcher
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Red Dream Catcher

The Giant Red Dream Catcher, Chic and Original!
Are you tired of having light sleep? Dare to add some color to your decor and soothe your nights with this Giant Red Skin Dream Catcher!


Details of the Native Dream catcher

  • Hand woven : Soft cotton yarn
  • Semi-precious minerals (Quartz beads, Obsidian)
  • Assorted feathers, safe for health

Total Lenght : 65 cm 


Prepare to be enraptured by the enchanting allure of your Red Dream Catcher, a Symphony of colors and symbolism that ignites the imagination. This dream catcher boasts a double hoop arrangement, both aglow in a vibrant, Flashy red, mirroring the intensity of your deepest passions. The laces that hold it aloft, also resplendent in flashy red, create an unbroken stream of Captivating color. Within this fiery frame, a delicate cream web weaves its magic, cradling a Dark red bead at its center, an embodiment of your most profound desires. Yet, it's not just the colors that make this dream catcher exceptional. It carries with it the timeless symbolism of balance, with a black and white bead perpetually intertwined.

But the true marvel lies in the cascading laces that hang from the hoops, adorned with feathers that mimic the rhythm of life. These feathers, ranging from pristine white to creamy ivory, dance along the lace's path, capturing the essence of purity and dreams. As they sway in harmony, you'll feel a profound connection with the elements, as though you're standing at the crossroads of passion and serenity.

Why Choose This Red Dream Catcher?

Choosing your Red Dream Catcher is a testament to your vibrant spirit and a desire to protect your dreams with fervor. Hang it proudly in your space, infusing every moment with the fiery energy of red, Symbolizing love, courage, and the intensity of life's desires. The creamy web and Dark red bead represent the balance between passionate pursuits and serene dreams, reminding you to nurture both aspects of your life.

The presence of the ever-intertwined black and white beads echoes the eternal dance of opposites and the harmony they can create. But it's the cascading laces and the feathers, like whispers from the universe, that truly set this dream catcher apart. As they flutter and sway, they evoke the sensation of being carried by the winds of destiny, embracing the duality of existence, and finding beauty in the balance of passion and peace. Choose this Red Dream Catcher to ignite your dreams and protect them with unwavering ardor, enveloping your life in a passionate embrace.


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