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Ojibwe Dream Catcher

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Ojibwe Dream Catcher
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Ojibwe Dream Catcher
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$59.99 $37.00 

Ojibwe Dream Catcher

The Ojibwe Dream Catcher. The perfect compromise between the classic and the original!

Dare to break the codes and add some color to your decoration while soothing your nights with this Wonderful Ojibwe Dream Catcher! This dream catcher finds a traditional shape, its Violet color comes to add this touch of exoticism and uniqueness which makes all its charm.


Details of the Ojibwe Dream catcher

  • Hand woven : Soft cotton yarn
  • Semi-precious minerals (Quartz beads, Obsidian)
  • Assorted feathers, safe for health

Total Lenght : 65 cm 


Discover the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship with your Ojibwe Dream Catcher. This intricately designed dream catcher pays homage to the Ojibwe people's traditions and beliefs, making it a meaningful addition to your home decor.

This Ojibwe Dream Catcher is a testament to the artistry and attention to detail that defines this Ancient tradition. Its circular web is thoughtfully woven to capture dreams and protect against negative energies, just as the Ojibwe elders have done for generations.

The Ojibwe Dream Catcher features carefully selected materials, including natural feathers and beads, all chosen for their significance in Ojibwe culture. Hang it above your bed or in a place of honor to embrace the wisdom and spirituality of the Ojibwe people.

Whether you're drawn to its cultural significance or simply appreciate its beauty, our Ojibwe Dream Catcher is a symbol of unity, protection, and the power of dreams. Bring a piece of Ojibwe heritage into your home !



Who were the Ojibwe ? 


The Ojibwe people are part of the larger Algonquian-speaking family of tribes. Their history and culture are deeply rooted in the lands they inhabit, which are characterized by the stunning landscapes of the Great Lakes and the surrounding forests. According to their own oral traditions, the Ojibwe originated in the eastern part of North America and eventually migrated westward to their current homelands.

Historically, the Ojibwe were Skilled hunters, Gatherers, and Fishermen. They relied on the abundance of the Great Lakes and surrounding forests for sustenance. Wild rice, fish, and game were essential parts of their diet. Birch bark, cedar, and other natural materials were used to craft canoes, dwellings, and clothing.

The Ojibwe have a deep spiritual connection to the land and the environment. They believe in the existence of a Great Spirit, known as Gitchi Manitou, and have a rich tradition of Storytelling, Ceremonies, and Rituals that celebrate their spiritual beliefs. The dream catcher, which has become widely recognized, originated with the Ojibwe as a tool for protecting against negative dreams.


Ojibwe Dream Catcher is a true piece of ancestral craftsmanship. If you liked its venerable origins, you will love the Lakota Dream Catcher

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