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Large Native American Dream Catcher

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Large Native American Dream Catcher
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Large Native American Dream Catcher
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The Large Native American Dream Catcher, Antique and Traditional !

Experience a sense of freshness, serenity, and Symbiosis with nature with your Large Native American Dream Catcher, adorned with a beautiful bluish-green mandala.

Symbolic of hope, focus, and luck, the green tones of the feathers inspire confidence and stability in your environment. The calming blue tones reflect wisdom, serenity, and a Refreshing atmosphere.

Let this wonderful Giant Dream Catcher and its serene colors transport you to a Place of peace and tranquility, bringing harmony and balance to your life.


Details of the Large Dream Catcher 

  • Rare blue macaw feathers (from natural moult ♻️)
  • Turquoise stone (Semi-precious)
  • Petrified olive wood beads
  • Hand woven Wicker ring

Total Length : 60 cm / 23.6"




Sacred Tradition: Large Indigenous Dream Catcher

Embrace the mysticism and cultural richness of the Native American tradition with this Mystical Essence: Large Native American Dream Catcher. This grand dream catcher captures the essence of the Indigenous culture, providing a sense of connection with the land and its history.

The black hoop signifies the strength and resilience of the Native American people, while the black web inside represents the intricate tapestry of life. Adorned with mesmerizing amazonite-colored beads both within the hoop and at its center, this dream catcher embodies the deep spiritual connection between the Indigenous people and the Earth.

Below, a collection of dark brown wooden beads brings to mind the rich, earthy tones of the natural world. As the dream catcher hangs, blue and green feathers sway gently in the breeze, symbolizing the harmony and balance between humans and nature, as revered by Native American cultures.

This Large Native American creation is more than just a decoration, it's a piece of history and a connection to the wisdom of the land's original inhabitants. Hang it in your space to evoke the spirit of Native American heritage, connecting with the past while weaving it into your present and future.

Choose this dream catcher to infuse your surroundings with the profound aura of the indigenous culture and to honor the history, traditions, and natural world it represents !


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