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Eagle Dream Catcher

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Eagle Dream Catcher
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Eagle Dream Catcher
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The Eagle Dream Catcher, The incarnation of the Totem Animal!

Take flight and let your inner strength shine through with the help of your Giant Dreamcatcher and its Eagle Totem Animal!

Freedom, strength and courage. The eagle embodies a noble and Powerful symbol and has done so for decades. Totem animal revered by Native Americans, embody the Golden Eagle by paying daily tribute to your sublime Giant Dreamcatcher.


Details of the Eagle Dream Catcher


  • Vegetable fiber fabric
  • Feathers of natural origin ♻️
  • Semi-precious mineral beads (Quartz, Obsidian)
  • High quality digital printing canvas:


The pigment ink and UV ink offer a quality of printing hitherto unmatched. This process perfectly restores colors and forms for a rendering of an incomparable clearness

Dimension : 75 cm / 29.52"




Embrace the Majesty of the Eagle

This Eagle Dream Catcher is a tribute to the Regal bird of prey, a symbol of freedom and strength. This magnificent creation boasts three black hoops, each with a unique purpose and significance.

At the top, you'll find a large hoop, adorned with brown laces, within which a majestic Eagle tapestry soars through the sky. This eagle, the embodiment of power and grace, represents the ability to rise above life's challenges and limitations.

Just below, a medium-sized hoop features a cream web with a brown bead at its center. This bead signifies balance, grounding, and the importance of staying connected to one's roots. This central hoop serves as a reminder of the need for harmony and stability in our lives.

Underneath, the smallest hoop mirrors the medium hoop, maintaining the cream web, brown bead, and a set of black laces. These laces are beautifully embellished with black and white beads, symbolizing duality and the contrast of life's experiences. Cream and brown feathers gracefully accompany these elements, enhancing the dream catcher's natural charm.

Why Choose this Eagle Dream Catcher?

The Eagle Dream Catcher is a profound symbol of freedom, strength, and balance. The magnificent eagle tapestry within the large hoop inspires you to soar to new heights, transcending life's challenges and obstacles.

The cream web with the brown bead in both the medium and small hoops serves as a reminder of the importance of balance and grounding in our lives. These elements help maintain stability and harmony, even when life's currents try to disrupt our equilibrium.

The combination of black and white beads, along with the cream and brown feathers, represents the duality and contrasts that make life rich and meaningful. This dream catcher is a powerful reminder of the need to embrace both the light and the dark, and to find strength and freedom in doing so. It's the perfect addition to any space, celebrating the majesty of the eagle and the beauty of life's dualities.

What does the Eagle symbolize for the Natives ?

For Native American cultures, the eagle holds profound symbolic significance. It is often considered a Sacred messenger, bridging the gap between the earthly realm and the spiritual world. The eagle embodies qualities such as strength, vision, and freedom, which are highly esteemed in Native American traditions. It's a symbol of power and authority, often associated with leaders and warriors. The Eagle's keen eyesight and ability to soar high in the sky symbolize foresight, perspective, and the capacity to see beyond the immediate. Natives believe that the eagle carries prayers and intentions to the Creator, making it a vital part of spiritual rituals and ceremonies. This majestic bird is a representation of connection with the divine and the embodiment of unity between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

The Dream Catcher and the Eagle

The dream catcher, with its protective qualities, is thought to be a guardian of the dreamer's inner world, ensuring that only positive and enlightening dreams are allowed to enter while keeping nightmares and negative energies at bay. The incorporation of eagle symbolism into the dream catcher underscores the idea that this protective mechanism also offers clarity, insight, and guidance during the dream state, just as the eagle does in the physical world from its aerial perspective. The fusion of these symbols in a dream catcher represents a harmonious blend of protection and vision, guiding individuals through their dream journeys with wisdom and vigilance.


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