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DreamCatcher Keyring

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Handmade Dream catcher Keychain 

Super trendy ! Dreamcatcher keychain or bag jewelry with several silver metal charms and real Opaline stone. A dream catcher embellished in its center with a turquoise pearl, a silver plated feather, a faceted transparent blue stone and a hand of fatma filigree of volutes. 

The prism has the particularity to gather and catalyze energies and to rebroadcast them in a balanced and harmonious way in the environment and the human body. It is made of Opaline, this stone is particularly appreciated because it perfectly stores the energies of the user to reuse them wisely. It has a calming power, soothing and invites to reflection.

Hang it everywhere !

Its small carabiner can easily be attached to your keys, bag, cell phone or anything else you want. 

Details of the DreamCatcher Keychain

  • Iron ring, light and resistant
  • Blue Apatite pearl 🔵
  • Natural Feather 🪶
  • White chrystal 
  • The Devil eye, Iron Feather 🧿
  • The Hand of Fatma, iron
  • Dimensions : 5.51 x 1.18 in  ( 14 x 3 cm)
  • 21 g 


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