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Colorful Dream Catcher

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The colorful Dream Catcher, for a chic and colorful decoration !

Lock away the dark thoughts and let your Giant Dreamcatcher light up your living room with its colorful pom-poms.

Leave negativity and bad vibes behind by illuminating your daily life with the presence of your splendid multicolored Dreamcatcher. Make room day after day for Joy, Happiness and Good mood by hanging it in your living room or on your bedroom wall!


Details of the Native Dream Catcher

  • Colored beads
  • Main ring braided in wicker
  • Embroidered cotton rosette

Total Length : 40 cm / 15.75"



Discover Your Colorful Dream Catcher, a captivating blend of artistry and vivid hues that will infuse your space with a burst of energy and positivity. Handcrafted with care, this dream catcher not only exudes charm but also offers protection for your dreams.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

Your Colorful Dream Catcher is a vibrant masterpiece, featuring a Spectrum of colors that will brighten any room. Each shade has been carefully selected to create a harmonious and visually stunning design, making it an Eye-catching addition to your decor.

Brighten up your living space with the vivid energy and protection of your Colorful Dream Catcher. Experience the magic of this timeless tradition, handcrafted with a Rainbow of colors to uplift your spirits and enhance your dreams !

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