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Yin Yang Dream Catcher

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Yin Yang Dream Catcher

Hang this magnificent Yin Yang Dream Catcher in your Bedroom, living room or office to bring balance, wisdom and clarity.

The yin and yang diagram, a principle of the Universal Order (or Tao), represents the thread of life and its duality: shadow or light, heat or cold, water or fire. Read as a message of hope. This precarious balance is a reminder that nothing in our existence is completely black or completely white.


Details of the Native Dream catcher

  • Brushed Iron Hoop
  • Natural Feathers
  • Terylene Thread 
  • Clay Beads
  • Thong: Lightweight and Durable


    Hoop Diameter : 15 cm | 5.11 "

    Total Lenght : 50 cm | 19.6 " 


    What is the Meaning of Yin Yang ?

    The Yin Yang symbol, deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy, represents the interplay and Balance of opposites in the universe. It embodies the concept that seemingly Opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent, creating a harmonious whole. The black and white halves of the symbol signify the Duality of existence: light and dark, masculine and feminine, active and passive. It illustrates that harmony can be achieved when these opposing energies are in equilibrium, and that true balance lies in recognizing their essential interconnectedness.


    Why Choose a Yin Yang Dream Catcher?

    Choosing a Yin Yang Dream Catcher is an affirmation of your quest for Balance and harmony in life. By merging the symbolism of the dream catcher, a guardian of positive energy and peaceful slumber, with the Yin Yang, you create a powerful and spiritually charged talisman. This unique combination offers protection from negativity while inviting a sense of Equilibrium and peace into your space. It serves as a reminder that balance is not only attainable but also essential for a harmonious life journey. Embrace the duality of existence and the wisdom of the Yin Yang, and let it guide your dreams and aspirations towards a more balanced and harmonious existence.

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