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Butterfly Dream Catcher

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The butterfly Dream Catcher,Ā THE choice for Bohemian lovers!

Evolution, metamorphosis, and spiritual rebirth! These are the experiences the Wonderfull Butterfly dream catcher will bring you each night.

Its superb silk lace, Silky tassels, and splendid white butterfly will transport you to an idyllic and Marvelous universe at bedtime. Let this sumptuous dreamĀ Catcher accompany you on your journey of transformation and renewal.


Details of the Native Dream CatcherĀ 

  • White silk lace : Hand woven šŸ‘‹
  • Natural brushed steel circle
  • Silk butterfly and tassels

Total LengthĀ :Ā 60 cm / 23.62"




Butterflies: Symbols of TransformationĀ šŸ¦‹


Your Butterfly Dream Catcher pays homage to the butterfly, a universal Symbol of transformation, beauty, and Freedom. In many cultures, butterflies represent the powerful journey of growth and change, making them a fitting emblem for dreams and aspirations.

In the eyes of Native Americans, the butterfly held profound significance as a representation of Personal transformation and growth. It carried a potent symbol of renewal following the experiences of death, finding its purpose in healing and purification ceremonies. Across various Native American tribes, the butterfly was seen as a Messenger bridging the realms of the soul, granting the spirit the resilience to confront life's challenges and emerge rejuvenated. Within Native American culture, the Yellow butterfly was synonymous with happiness and elation, while the Red butterfly embodied themes of love and intense passion.

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