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Black Dream Catcher

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Black Dream Catcher

The Great Black Dream Catcher : Simple, Discreet, Elegant!
Be serene and reassured. The black feathers of your Native American Dream Catcher will guide you in your darkest hours to bring you clarity and spiritual wisdom. 

Place your dreams under the protection of Native American divinities and get your sleep calmer and restful. Furthermore, it will increase your everyday energy and focus !


Details of the Dream catcher

  • Goose feathers, natural origin
  • Woven lace in black cotton flannel
  • Traditional wicker woven ring
  • Black Obsidian beads


Total Length : 50 cm 




This wonderful Black Dream Catcher is a captivating symbol of elegance and mystique that will add an enchanting touch to your space. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this dream catcher is a mesmerizing addition to your decor, offering both style and positive energy.


Black: A Color of Mystery and Intrigue

Your Black Dream Catcher celebrates the Color black, often associated with mystery, intrigue, and the unknown. Black carries an air of elegance and depth, making this dream catcher a perfect addition to create an enigmatic and stylish atmosphere. 


Why Choose a Black Dream Catcher?

A black dream catcher transcends mere decor; it embodies elegance and enigma, making it the perfect addition for those who seek to infuse their space with a touch of mystique and sophistication. The color black, with its Mysterious allure, invites you to delve into the depths of your dreams and thoughts. It's not just a dream catcher, it's a guardian of your inner mysteries, filtering out negativity and inviting a sense of balance and protection. The versatility of black complements any decor style, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into your living space. Choose a black dream catcher to add an Air of elegance, capture the enigmatic, and create a harmonious ambiance where dreams are revered and darkness is embraced.

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