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Bohemian Dream Catcher

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Bohemian Dream Catcher
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Bohemian Dream Catcher
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Bohemian Dream Catcher

The Native American Dream Catcher, the bohemian must-have decoration!

Would you like to change your decoration to create a chic and warm ambiance in your house? Then, hang this wonderful Bohemian Dream Catcher into your living room and add the touch of exotism you miss!


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Brushed iron ring 
  • Artificial Native American feathers
  • Combed Cotton Flannel, Hand-woven

Total Length : 48 cm / 18.88 " 




Explore Bohemian Beauty

Unveil the enchanting world of Bohemian aesthetics through this wonderful Dream Catcher. This exquisite creation combines intricate woodwork with subtle detailing, inviting you to embrace the Bohemian spirit in your living space.

Crafted with care, our dream catcher features a mesmerizing interlaced wood design at its core. This central wooden piece becomes the focal point of this captivating piece. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things, reflecting the essence of the Bohemian philosophy.

Below the wooden hoop, you'll discover delicate light cream cotton ropes, gracefully hanging like strands of lace. These ropes represent the intricate web of life, connecting all living things. They sway gently in the breeze, reminding you of the ever-present flow of existence.

Complementing the natural beauty of this dream catcher are the delicate white doily laces. Their intricate patterns add depth and character to the design, capturing the Free-spirited essence of the Bohemian lifestyle. The dream catcher's design is an exploration of the harmony between nature and artistry.

To complete this work of art, the dream catcher is adorned with feathers in soft cream and warm brown tones. These feathers symbolize the Bohemian reverence for nature and the simple beauty it offers. They embody the spirit of embracing life in its most authentic form.

Choose this wonderful Bohemian Dream Catcher to infuse your space with the free-spirited Bohemian philosophy. Its unique design, intertwined ropes, and natural elements will transform your environment into a Bohemian haven, celebrating the harmony between humanity and the world around us.


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