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Native made Dream Catcher

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Native made Dream Catcher
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Native made Dream Catcher
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Native made Dream Catcher

Hang your Native made Dream Catcher on your Bedroom wall, living room, or in the office, and spend calm and restful nights! Its beautiful seven rings will catch all your bad dreams to give you all the good ones.  


Details of the Native made Dream catcher

  • Handwoven: Soft cotton yarn
  • Petrified wood beads 🪵
  • Brushed Iron ring 
  • Feather Suede

Total Lenght : 70 cm / 27.55"

Hoop Diameter : 6 cm / 2.36 "

Height : 85g / 3oz


Experience Tradition and Craftsmanship

This Native-Made Dream Catcher is a remarkable piece that combines Native traditions and expert craftsmanship, resulting in a creation that reflects the depth of Indigenous culture. Crafted with precision, this dream catcher features seven rings, each delicately layered above the other, symbolizing unity, connection, and protection.

The rings, adorned with cream and brown colors, evoke the serenity of the earth and the Wisdom of the ancestors. Their design encapsulates the essence of dreams and the collective spirit of Indigenous traditions.

A single cream bead is nestled between each of the seven rings, signifying the interconnectedness of life, dreams, and the guidance offered by this enchanting creation. The central cream bead holds a special place within the dream catcher, serving as a focal point for energy and positive influence.

Why Choose this Native-Made Dream Catcher?

Choosing your Native-Made Dream Catcher means embracing a piece that encapsulates the spirit of Native traditions and craftsmanship. This dream catcher is more than a mere decoration; it's a representation of unity, connection, and protection.

With a blend of cream and brown hues, it resonates with the earth's essence and the wisdom of Native cultures. It's a Tribute to the significance of dreams in these traditions and the role of the dream catcher in capturing and transmuting dreams into positive energy.

By choosing our Native-Made Dream Catcher, you invite the essence of indigenous wisdom into your space, celebrating unity and the power of dreams. This captivating creation serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the positive influence it brings to your surroundings.


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