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beautiful dream catcher

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Beautiful dream catcher

Discover the Wonderful Native Dream Catcher ! This Handcrafted masterpiece features delicate webs woven in the traditional Native American style, adorned with shimmering beads and soft, dreamy feathers.

Create a cosy, warm and Relaxing atmosphere in any room by hanging this talisman on your wall. So, what are you waiting for ? Let's transform your home decor ! 


Details of the Native American Dream Catcher

  • Iron hoop
  • White beads
  • Cotton Thread
  • Terylene strings
  • Artificial feathers

  • Total Length : 45 cm / 17.70"


    Prepare to be entranced by the allure of your Beautiful Dream Catcher, a masterpiece of Harmonious design. Suspended from a rich brown hoop adorned with delicate brown lace, this dream catcher becomes a gateway to dreams of Unparalleled beauty. Its web is a symphony of shades, with the edges swathed in brown, transitioning gracefully through light blue, deeper blue, and finally culminating in a dark, captivating blue at the center. This mesmerizing color progression mirrors the ever-changing hues of the sky at twilight. The feathers, adorned with dark brown beads, are a canvas of enchanting colors, ranging from tranquil light blues to deep blues, and even hints of mesmerizing blue-green. A subtle gradient flows through the feathers, akin to the gentle shift of colors in a serene, twilight sky.

    Why Choose This Beautiful Dream Catcher?

    Choosing your Beautiful Dream Catcher is an embrace of Artistic beauty and the transcendence of colors. Its Stunning design is a testament to the power of aesthetics in creating an environment of serenity. Hang it in your bedroom, living space, or any area where you seek to infuse your surroundings with Enchanting beauty and peaceful dreams. The carefully crafted color palette mirrors the transition from day to night, inviting a sense of tranquility and reflection. The feathers, with their rich assortment of colors, are a testament to the depth of artistry and a celebration of nature's own palette. Choose this Beautiful Dream Catcher to not only adorn your space but to elevate it into a realm of artistic beauty and serene dreams.

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