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Double Dream Catcher

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Double Dream Catcher

Featuring two intricate webs woven in the traditional Native American style, the Double Dream Catcher is adorned with Soft feathers, shimmering beads, and delicate charms. Hang it in your bedroom, living room, or any space that could use a little Extra magic and Tranquility.

So why settle for a single dream catcher when you can have a Double Dream Catcher? Adopt yours and start catching those sweet dreams while enjoying the peaceful, Positive atmosphere it brings to your home !


Details of the Native American Dream Catcher

  • Iron hoop
  • Terylene strings
  • Artificial feathers

  • Total Length : 45 cm / 17.70"



    Embrace the Mystique of Darkness with this Double Dream Catcher

    Prepare to embark on a journey into the depths of mystique with your Double Black Dream Catcher, a masterpiece that shrouds you in the enigma of the night. This striking dream catcher is a study in elegance, with Two obsidian-hued hoops, one gracefully nestled beneath the other. Between them, a solitary black bead dangles, a reminder of the infinite possibilities that reside within the darkness.

    Within these Twin hoops, a web of inky black is meticulously woven, cradling a central black bead, a portal to dreams that dwell in the realm of shadows. The theme of black is unwavering, with many laces cascading like whispers from the night, each adorned with black beads and feathers. As they sway and flutter, they evoke the sensation of being carried by the mysteries of the midnight hour.

    Why Choose This Double Dream Catcher?

    Selecting your Double Black Dream Catcher is an embrace of the profound mysteries of the night and a commitment to protecting your dreams with the shroud of darkness. Hang it in your space to infuse every moment with the enigmatic energy of black, symbolizing the unknown, introspection, and the limitless potential of the unseen.

    The black web and central bead symbolize the depths of your subconscious, where dreams take root and grow in the fertile soil of your mind. The myriad black beads and feathers that adorn the laces represent the myriad facets of the night, each as intriguing and captivating as the next. Choose this Double Black Dream Catcher not just for its visual allure but for the deep exploration of the night's mysteries and the dreams that thrive in its obsidian embrace, creating an atmosphere of profound enchantment in your space.

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