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Giant macrame dream catcher

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Giant macrame dream catcher

if you are a lover of beautiful decoration and a bohemian at heart, don't miss this Giant macrame dream catcher ! 

This beautiful handmade creation will bring a sense of comfort and calm to your daily life.
Originally, dreamcatchers were placed over the beds of newborns to protect them from nightmares and to filter their thoughts to keep only pleasant dreams. Combine these benefits with a soothing, bohemian and natural decoration to get a warm and cocooning result! Are you ready to impress your friends and loved ones.

 Details of the Macrame DreamCatcher 

  • Eco-friendly Materials ♻️ Sustainable and long lasting ✔️
  • Natural wooden beads 🪵
  • Cotton thread and rope, soft to touch
  • Hand Wash / Woven 👋
  • Iron Ring


  • Dimensions :  30 x 7"  (75x 18cm) 
  • 91 g 

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