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Macrame moon dreamcatcher

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Macrame moon dreamcatcher

Allow the charm of this gorgeous Macrame moon Dreamcatcher to enchant you. It will safeguard you while you sleep because of its mythical qualities, just as it did among the Amerindian peoples for centuries!

We suggest hanging your Macrame dream catcher close to your bed, preferably where it will catch the sunshine, for both bohemian decoration and excellent protection. A light source, such as a garland or candles, will look stunning with this lovely wall ornament. You may add a little green plant for a gentle and organic touch; you'll find that it has a fantastic effect !

🎁 GIFT :  LED copper light string (200cm / 10ft) 🎁

 Details of the Macrame moon DreamCatcher 

  • Eco-friendly Materials ♻️ Sustainable and long lasting ✔️
  • Natural wooden beads 🪵
  • Cotton thread and rope, soft to touch
  • Hand Wash / Woven 👋
  • Iron Moon


  • Dimensions :  38 x 7,8"  (96 x 20cm) 
  • 132 g 


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