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Simple Dream Catcher

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A Simple Dream Catcher, for a unique Room Decor !

Both Elegant and Minimalist, this sublime Dreamcatcher is a perfect choice for those looking for a discreet yet effective wall decoration.

Place your sleep under the protection of this Traditional talisman and transform your room into a haven of peace where calm, Serenity and Relaxation reign.

So, what are you waiting for to adopt it?


Details of the Dream Catcher

  • Natural Fumigated Feathers
  • Hand woven Cotton Thread
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Quartz beads


Total Length : 34 cm / 13.38"



Enter the Realm of Tranquility with your Simple Dream Catcher

Imagine a dream catcher as pure as freshly fallen snow, its pristine white form captivating your gaze. Your Simple Dream Catcher, with its single ring and five suspended feathers, embodies the essence of tranquility. Adorned with delicate white beads, its centerpiece features a gentle, light grey web. As you look closer, you'll notice the tiny transparent beads, like droplets of dew on a winter morning, leading your eyes to the heart of this dream catcher: An exquisite white bead that holds the promise of peaceful slumber and a tapestry of serene dreams. Hanging above your bed, this simple yet elegant dream catcher transforms your nights into a serene journey where negative thoughts melt away, leaving only the purity of positivity to guide your reveries.

Why Choose This Simple Dream Catcher?

Choosing your Simple Dream Catcher is an invitation to embrace the Serenity of simplicity. Its unassuming elegance adds a touch of calm to any space, making it a perfect addition to bedrooms, meditation areas, or anywhere you seek tranquility. This dream catcher, with its pure white and light grey hues, embodies the essence of purity and peace. Its simplicity serves as a reminder that often, less is more, allowing you to Focus on the essential: a restful night's sleep and a mind free to wander through the realm of dreams without disturbances. So, choose this Simple Dream Catcher not only for its aesthetic grace but for the peaceful, uncluttered dreams it brings, creating a cocoon of serenity around you.

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