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Rainbow Dream Catcher

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Rainbow DreamCatcher

The Rainbow Dream Catcher : Add colors to your Daily life ! Let the feathers of this giant rainbow dream catcher light up your Bedroom and make your sleep more restful! 🌈 

Hang it next to your bed and it will catch your bad dreams while you are sleeping. This is the perfect gift for your lover, family members, and loved ones.  


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Artificial Feathers (Eco-responsible ♻️)
  • Obsidian Bead (Semi-precious stone)
  • Rainbow Cotton Lace : Hand woven

  • Total Length : 120cm 




    Embrace the Spectrum of Dreams

    Introducing a captivating and exquisite piece from the large Dream Catcher collection, the Rainbow Dream Catcher. This majestic creation stands as a grand tribute to the vivid spectrum of life, spanning over 120 cm in length and overflowing with the Radiance of the rainbow.

    At its heart, this extraordinary dream catcher showcases a generously sized, Multi-colored hoop. A visual masterpiece in itself, this hoop features the Full spectrum of rainbow colors, from a vibrant red segment, transitioning seamlessly into orange, yellow, and beyond. Each color signifies a unique aspect of life, evoking a sense of positivity and celebration.

    Within this breathtaking hoop resides a cotton doily that continues the theme of the rainbow. The doily is an artistic representation of the Rainbow's colors, with a red circle at its center, surrounded by a graceful transition into orange, yellow, green, sky blue, and deep blue. This intricate design symbolizes the beauty of diversity and the unity of all colors in life's grand tapestry.

    Beneath this remarkable hoop, a cascade of purple laces gracefully dangles. Each lace is adorned with black beads and a profusion of colored feathers, echoing the rich hues of the rainbow. The edges feature short laces with vibrant red feathers, leading to longer laces with radiant orange feathers, then to even longer laces with sunny yellow feathers. The journey continues with green, sky blue, and deep blue feathers, culminating in a single lace at the center adorned with a regal purple feather.

    Why choose this Rainbow Dream Catcher ?

    Selecting our Rainbow Dream Catcher is an invitation to celebrate the full spectrum of life, each color representing a different facet of existence. This grand piece is an artistic masterpiece that symbolizes diversity, unity, and the vibrancy of All the colors in the rainbow.

    With its extraordinary size and captivating design, this dream catcher becomes a central piece in your space, creating an atmosphere of positivity, creativity, and harmony. It represents a vivid reminder of the richness of life's experiences and the power of unity in diversity.

    Choose the Rainbow Dream Catcher as a testament to the grandeur of life and the beauty of embracing every color in the spectrum. Hang it proudly in your space to capture the brilliance of dreams and celebrate the diversity of existence.

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