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Orange Dream Catcher

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Orange Dream Catcher
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Orange Dream Catcher
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Orange Dream Catcher

Harmonize your nights with this Wonderful Dream Catcher with several Orange circles. This lively color will stimulate your physical and mental energy!

Hang it in your living room, bedroom or office and bring instantly a warm and cocooning atmosphere that will surprise all your friends and family. 


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Rare feathers (Natural origin ♻️)
  • Hand-woven mandala pattern (Silk)
  • Wicker ring braided
  • Onyx Beads

Total Length : 62 cm / 24.40"




An Exquisite Orange Dream Catcher

This Large orange dream catcher is a captivating piece of art, featuring five elegantly crafted hoops that showcase both beauty and symbolism. At the top reigns a larger hoop, standing as a beacon of positivity and protection, overseeing your space. Below it, three smaller hoops, each hanging with purpose: one on the left, one on the right, and one in the center. Beneath the central small hoop, a fifth and even smaller one adds a subtle touch of intricacy.

Each of these hoops is adorned with a vibrant Orange web and a single bead in the center. The orange hue, symbolizing energy and enthusiasm, adds warmth to your surroundings. Alongside the Orange feathers that grace the dream catcher, a few black feathers create a striking contrast, signifying the balance of light and dark in our lives.

Black beads, carefully incorporated into the design, emphasize the importance of duality and the beauty of contrasts. The result is a stunning dream catcher that not only enhances your space with its aesthetic charm but also serves as a symbol of balance and protection. With this dream catcher, you invite positive energy and harmony into your life, making it a truly unique addition to your decor.



Why Choose This Orange Dream Catcher?

Choosing this exquisite Orange dream catcher is a decision that goes beyond mere decor. It's a statement of your commitment to creating a harmonious and positive environment. This dream catcher, with its five hoops, symbolizes protection, energy, and the balance of contrasting elements in life.

The Vibrant orange color is more than just an aesthetic choice, it represents enthusiasm and vitality, infusing your space with warmth and vigor. The Delicate orange web within each hoop serves as a filter, capturing and retaining the good energy while allowing negativity to pass through.

The inclusion of black feathers and beads adds depth to the dream catcher's meaning. Black represents the challenges and darker moments in life, creating a striking contrast with the orange, symbolizing the brighter aspects. By choosing this dream catcher, you're acknowledging the importance of balance in your journey and embracing both the light and the dark.

So, why choose this orange dream catcher? Because it's not just a piece of decor, it's a symbol of your dedication to creating a space that radiates positivity, energy, and equilibrium. With this dream catcher, you infuse your surroundings with beauty, meaning, and the promise of a balanced and protected life.


If this Orange Dream Catcher has awakened your bold side, let yourself be carried away by the vibrant colours of your Large Dream Catcher Wall Decor. Imagine yourself surrounded by this majestic dream catcher, whose powerful threads stretch towards the stars, weaving a protective web that filters dreams and guides your thoughts towards heavenly horizons. If you loved the visual impact and imposing presence of this giant dream catcher, then you will be fascinated by the Collection that awaits you. Each model is a true work of art, created to capture your imagination and invite you into a world of mystery and spirituality. Discover these giant dream catchers that will give a unique dimension to your decor and awaken your spirit. Do not end your spiritual journey without discovering the diversity of our Dream Catcher collection. Enchanting Dream Catchers await you, ready to bring your deepest dreams to life!

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