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Large Dream Catcher Earrings

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Large Dream Catcher Earrings


Shape\pattern: Round

Model Number: JZ001-D1

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Material: Metal

Gender: Women

Brand Name: LAVIXMIA


JA250-1_2 JA250-2_2 JA273-1_2 JA273-2_2 JA274-1_2 JA274-2_2 JA275-1_3 JN119_3

JN120_3 JN356-1_1 JN356-2_1 JN357-1_1 JN357-2_1 JN358-1_1 JN358-2_1 JN359-1_1 JN359-2_1 JN360-1_1 JN360-2_1 JN361-1_1 JN361-2_1 JN418_1 JN419_1 JN420_1 JN421_1 JN422_1 JN423_1 JN424_1 JN425_1 JN426_1 JN427_1 JN428_1 JN429 JN429_1 JN429_2 JN429_3 JN430 JN430_1 JN430_2 JN430_3




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