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large dream catcher above bed

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large dream catcher above bed

A Large Dream Catcher above bed? A successful Bohemian decoration!

Would you like to sleep better? Or simply change your decoration? Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with this Large white Dream Catcher!


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • White goose feathers from natural moults
  • Naturally Organic Materials ♻️
  • Silk lace: hand woven
  • Semi-precious beads (Quartz)

  • Total Length : 110 cm 




    Restful Nights with a Large Dream Catcher Above Your Bed

    Transform your sleeping space into a sanctuary of dreams with this Large Dream Catcher Above Bed. This captivating creation isn't just a decorative piece, it's a symbol of serenity, designed to watch over your dreams and ensure only the most positive and enchanting visions come your way.

    Our Large Dream Catcher Above Bed boasts a generous white hoop adorned with an intricate white doily inside. This all-white design exudes purity, simplicity, and an air of tranquility, creating a harmonious ambiance in your bedroom.

    Long white laces cascade from the hoop, each meticulously crafted to capture and filter out any negative energy while allowing only positivity to permeate your dreams. The dream catcher's purpose is to protect and guide you through the realms of sleep, and this magnificent piece excels in doing just that.

    Adorned with white beads and ethereal white feathers, it adds an extra layer of charm and elegance. These feathers are gentle and delicate, inviting your mind to wander into the serene and peaceful landscapes of your imagination.

    As you rest beneath this Large Dream Catcher Above Bed, you'll be embraced by a sense of calm and security. Its presence instills the assurance that your dreams will be watched over and protected, letting you sleep soundly, free from unwelcome thoughts. Choose this dream catcher to make your nights peaceful and your dreams enchanting, and let it be the guardian of your most restful nights.

    Why place my dream catcher above bed ? 

    Placing your dream catcher above your bed is not only a decorative choice but a nod to the captivating legend surrounding these sacred objects. According to Native American folklore, dream catchers were traditionally handcrafted to protect individuals, especially children, from nightmares and negative energies during their slumber. The intricate web inside the dream catcher was believed to act as a filter, capturing all the bad dreams and only allowing the good ones to pass through.

    As you rest beneath your dream catcher, you're embracing the timeless wisdom of this legend. The dream catcher symbolizes a guardian presence, ensuring that only positive and soothing dreams find their way to you while shielding you from the unsettling or harmful ones. This age-old belief adds an extra layer of significance to your dream catcher's presence above your bed, turning your nightly rituals into a meaningful and comforting experience. So, let the legend of the dream catcher guide your sleep, and you'll awaken each morning feeling protected, refreshed, and ready to embrace the day.

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