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indigenous Dream Catcher

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Indigenous Dream Catcher

The Indigenous Dream Catcher, a chic and bold option!

Are you looking for a chic and out-of-the-ordinary decoration? Or just a quieter, more prosperous night? Then this wonderful Indigenous Dream Chaser will satisfy you!


Details of the Indigenous Dream catcher

  • Ecological cotton tassels
  • Petrified Olive wood hoop
  • Hand embroidered silk flannel rosette
  • Plant Fiber Materials: Natural Origin ♻️
  • Semi-precious stones: white and pink quartz, Lapis Lazuli.

Total length : 60 cm 


We take the time to carefully select each material in order to respect both the environment and the ancient traditions of Native American culture. 



Experience the Spirit of Indigenous Wisdom

Journey into the heart of Indigenous culture with this wonderful Indigenous Dream Catcher, a tribute to the profound spirituality and heritage of Native American traditions. This dream catcher carries with it the essence of Indigenous wisdom, a symbol of protection and connection to the spiritual realm.

Crafted with the utmost respect, it features a traditional circular hoop adorned with symbolic colors and patterns that define Indigenous cultures. The lace that suspends it is unobtrusive, allowing the beauty of the hoop's design to shine. Within the hoop, a delicate web is meticulously woven, cradling a sacred bead at its center, an embodiment of the timeless Indigenous traditions that guide your dreams.

But what truly sets this Indigenous Dream Catcher apart are the cascading laces adorned with feathers. Each lace represents the connection between the earthly realm and the spiritual world, with feathers that dance like whispers from Ancestral spirits. As they sway and flutter, they evoke the sensation of being guided by Ancient wisdom and enveloped in the embrace of Indigenous spirituality.

Why Choose This Indigenous Dream Catcher?

Selecting our Indigenous Dream Catcher is an homage to the rich spiritual traditions of Indigenous peoples and a commitment to protecting your dreams with their ancestral wisdom. Hang it proudly in your space to infuse every moment with the deep, spiritual energy of Indigenous cultures, symbolizing respect for the land and the enduring power of their Cultural heritage.

The intricate web and central bead symbolize the depth of Indigenous wisdom and the connection to their ancient traditions. The presence of the feathers, each a symbol of connection to the spirit world, offers guidance and protection as you sleep and dream. Choose this Indigenous Dream Catcher not just for its cultural significance but for the profound spiritual journey and connection to ancestral wisdom it brings to your life, creating an atmosphere of deep reverence and protection in your space.

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