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Huge Dream Catcher

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Huge Dream Catcher
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Huge Dream Catcher
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$89.99 $57.00 

Huge Dream Catcher

Give your space a Touch of magic with this wonderful multi-colored Dream Catcher.

This Handcrafted masterpiece, created with Natural materials, will capture your imagination with its vibrant colors and elegant shape. A Wonderful gift for your lover, friends or loved ones! 


Dream Catcher's details

  • Brushed metal circle
  • Petrified Wood beads
  • Eco-friendly Cotton Yarn ♻️
  • Fumigated Natural Feathers


Total Length : 70 cm / 27.56"



Embrace the Exuberance with this Huge Dream Catcher

Introducing the Huge Multicolored Dream Catcher, a vibrant celebration of life and creativity that is sure to captivate your heart. With a design as grand as your dreams, this dream catcher boasts five interconnected hoops, each contributing to its vibrant charm.

At its core, a Very Large Hoop takes center stage, marked by bold segments of blue, rose, and violet. These colors are symbolic of the limitless possibilities and joy that life offers, providing a vivid representation of the world's richness.

Flanking this central hoop, two smaller ones on either side add balance and energy to the dream catcher's composition. Each hoop features its distinctive combination of blues, purples, and roses, creating a harmonious visual symphony that radiates with creativity.

Just below the medium hoop, a smaller counterpart mirrors the design, offering a delightful replication of colors and vibrancy. The way these hoops intersect and resonate with one another signifies the interplay of various facets in life.

But the visual fiesta doesn't end there. The feathers adorning this magnificent dream catcher are equally vivid. Rose feathers, blue feathers, and purple feathers dance in the air, mirroring the colorful dance of life itself.

This Enormous Dream Catcher is more than just a decoration, it's an embodiment of the joyful exuberance of existence. With its size and brilliance, it effortlessly transforms any space into a vibrant celebration of life's beauty and creativity.


If this Huge Dream Catcher has resonated within you, let the waves of this Dream Catcher Bedroom take you to unexplored inner shores. Imagine yourself cradled by the celestial threads of this dream catcher, capturing the purest dreams and positive energies, guiding you towards a state of tranquility and peace of mind. If you enjoyed the soothing and protective atmosphere created by this dream catcher, then you will love our superb collection of giant dream catchers. Each giant catcher is a guardian of dreams and positive energies, ready to envelop you in its benevolent magic. Dive into this collection and let these giant dream catchers watch over you and offer you a haven of peace. Be sure to visit our Dream Catcher collection to beautifully conclude this dreamy journey. Each Dream Catcher is a work of art that merges dream and reality.

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