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Evil Eye Dream Catcher

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Evil Eye Dream Catcher
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Evil Eye Dream Catcher
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Evil eye Dream Catcher : The Ultimate Turkish Protection !

Add a bohemian and Original touch to your interior with this wonderful Evil eye Dream Catcher! This gorgeous Decorative piece of art will captivate all the attention while protecting your family from Negative vibes.


Be amazed by its Delicate threads, in front of its Shimmering beads, and its Wonderful Protective eye... It's impossible not to be mesmerized by its beauty.

So, what are you waiting to transform your home in a Heaven of peace


Details of the Dream Catcher Room Decor

  • Brushed Iron Eye
  • Fumigated Feathers 
  • Soft Cotton Thread
  • Semi-precious minerals (Quartz beads, Obsidian)

Total Length : 50 cm / 19.68"

Weight : 135g / 4,76 oz 




Ward Off Negativity with your Evil Eye Dream Catcher

Unveil a protective Shield against negativity and embrace the mystical charm of our Evil Eye Dream Catcher, a unique and captivating piece designed to safeguard your space from Malevolent energies. This dream catcher takes on the form of a Powerful eye, fusing the timeless appeal of the Evil eye symbol with the elegance of traditional dream catchers.

At its core, this extraordinary piece features a hoop reminiscent of a classic dream catcher, adorned with a splendid doily that represents the iconic Nazar boncuk (evil eye) motif. This intricate design serves as the watchful eye, gazing outwards to shield against negativity and harm.

Encircling this Central eye is a larger hoop, taking on the elegant shape of an almond, with delicate white webbing within. The almond-shaped frame represents protection, enveloping the watchful eye within its embrace.

Beneath this Protective eye, creamy laces cascade gracefully, each one adorned with enchanting blue feathers at their ends, evoking the calming and soothing energy of the sky and sea. Interspersed among these feathers, you'll find an array of white, black, and sky blue beads, each chosen for its unique spiritual significance.

Why Choose This Evil Eye Dream Catcher?

Selecting this Evil Eye Dream Catcher is a powerful declaration of your intention to protect your space from negative energies and influences. Hang it prominently in your home to create a shield of positive energy and ward off any Malevolent forces.

The Nazar boncuk doily and the almond-shaped frame are both potent symbols of protection and are believed to repel negativity and the Evil eye. The feathers, along with the carefully chosen beads, evoke a sense of serenity and calm, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and safety. Choose this Evil Eye Dream Catcher not just for its unique visual appeal but for the profound sense of protection and security it brings to your space, ensuring that only positive energies and dreams flow through, and any negativity is deflected away.

What is the Evil Eye ? (Nazar Boncuk 🧿)

The evil eye, or "Nazar Boncuk," is a potent and age-old symbol steeped in cultural and mystical significance. This mesmerizing amulet has its origins deeply rooted in various cultures and is renowned for its Protective properties against malevolent forces.

At its core, the evil eye is believed to possess the power to Ward off negative energy and ill intentions. It takes the form of an eye, often intricately designed with shades of blue and white, and is known to watch over and safeguard against envious glances or malicious influences.

The concept of the evil eye is not limited to a singular culture or region; it transcends borders, appearing in various forms across the globe. It's a symbol of universal understanding—a visual language that communicates the need for protection and the desire to Deflect negativity.

Whether as jewelry, Amulets, or intricate decorations, the evil eye continues to be embraced for its timeless charm and Protective aura. Placed in homes, worn as jewelry, or gifted to loved ones, it serves as a powerful talisman, reminding us to stay vigilant against negativity and to embrace the positive energies that surround us.

In a world brimming with energies both seen and unseen, the evil eye, with its enigmatic gaze, remains a steadfast guardian, ensuring that the path ahead is filled with light, positivity, and protection.


Has this splendid Dream Catcher already allowed you to transform your decoration, feel inner peace, and harmony? Then discover the wonderful Dream Catcher with Evil Eye 🧿, you're going to love it! Explore a unique wall decoration, crafted with precision and love. Its imposing size and refined details make it a true treasure that will awaken your senses and transport you to a state of spiritual well-being. Let this marvelous Native American creation be the guardian of your dreams and accompany you on your journey to personal fulfillment! Dive into the majestic universe of Large Dream Catchers and let yourself be enveloped by their powerful aura. Our collection invites you to explore unique pieces that are much more than just wall decorations: they reflect your boldest dreams. Get ready to make a statement of elegance and spirituality with the most beautiful giant dream catchers! The Dream Catcher collection is an enchanted refuge where each Dream Catcher resonates with the essence of your being. Discover them to complete your spiritual journey and immerse yourself in an ocean of serenity and wonder.

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