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DreamCatcher Keychain Online

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DreamCatcher Keychain Online 

This lovely dream catcher keychain will fascinate you ! Allow your friends and family to be impressed by its atypical style.

Little, light, and compact, it will accompany you everywhere to guard you from your terrible nightmares !

Details of the DreamCatcher Keychain

  • Made of Stainless Steel : Corrosion resistant, High tensile strength, very durable. 
  • Color : Silver plated, very shiny ! 
  • three Blue Apatite pearls 🔵


  • Dimensions : 2 in  (5 cm)
  • 15 g

its stainless steel body makes it light and very resistant. You can take it everywhere, it will never break ! On you keys, bag, cellphone or anything you want, hang you Dreamcatcher keyring and follow your Dreams. 

Traditionally, the dream catcher was used in Native American tribes as a protective amulet. These acted at night by filtering the good and bad dreams of the sleeper.

Then, when we transform it into a keychain we can associate it with a lucky charm. What could be better than a lucky charm as a gift? 

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