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Dream Catcher with Wolf

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Dream Catcher with Wolf
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Dream Catcher with Wolf
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The Dream Catcher with Wolf, The ultimate Native American protection! 

Let yourself be transported into a Mystical and Spiritual universe with this sumptuous Large Dream Catcher. This unique handcrafted piece is adorned with a magnificent Wolf Pack canvas, a symbol of courage and wisdom in the Native American culture.

Known for its many benefits for the body and mind. The dream catcher helps to Remove nightmares and negative thoughts, promotes deep and restful sleep, and stimulates imagination and creativity. By hanging this dream catcher in your room, you will enjoy a peaceful and Harmonious atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and meditation.

So, what are you waiting for to treat yourself to this beautiful interior design?


Details of the Large Dreamcatcher

  • Printing on 3D effect canvas
  • High quality ABS beads
  • Brushed Steel Ring
  • Smoked Feathers
  • Polyester thread


Total Length : 60 cm / 23.62"




Embrace the Enigma of the Wolf

This Dream Catcher with wolf is a captivating homage to the enigmatic and social nature of the wolf. This exceptional creation boasts a black hoop, which surrounds a mesmerizing canvas in the center. The canvas beautifully depicts a united Wolf pack, symbolizing the strength of community.

Beneath the hoop, you'll find an array of brown feathers, each representing the wild spirit of the wolf. Interspersed among the feathers are black and white beads, adding a touch of contrast and diversity to this dream catcher.

Why Choose the wolf pack Dream Catcher ?

Choosing this Wolf Pack Dream Catcher is an homage to the wolf's symbolism of unity and community. The canvas in the center portrays the powerful bond of a wolf pack, serving as a reminder of the strength that comes from working together.

The brown feathers and the black and white beads beneath the hoop enhance the dream catcher's visual appeal while echoing the intricate interplay of nature. This dream catcher is not only a stunning decorative piece but also a symbol of the power of unity and social connections. It's a perfect addition to your decor, invoking the spirit of the wolf and celebrating the beauty of togetherness.


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