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Dream Catcher with flowers

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Dream Catcher with flowers
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Dream Catcher with flowers
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Dream Catcher with Flowers, chic and elegant !

Let yourself be transported to a garden of Enchanted dreams with your wonderful Dream Catcher. With its delicate Fabric flowers that dance in the wind, piece of art is much more than a simple accessory. It is the guardian of your dreams and positive thoughts, filtering out bad energy to leave only serenity and inner peace.

The unique design of this Dream Catcher with Flowers brings a touch of poetry and romance to your home. The soft, shimmering colors of the flowers blend perfectly with the neutral color of the Mandala Weaving, creating a soothing visual harmony.

Don't wait any longer to offer yourself a Moment of poetry and softness in your daily life.



Details of the Dream Catcher

  • Hand-woven Cotton Thread
  • Fumigated Feathers
  • Brushed Iron ring  


Total Length : 40 cm / 15.75"




Blossom into Sweet Dreams with your Flower Dream Catcher

Step into a world of Floral enchantment with our Dream Catcher adorned with flowers, a masterpiece that captures the essence of nature's beauty. This dream catcher features a pristine white hoop, suspended by delicate white lace, offering a sense of purity and serenity. What sets it apart is the intricate adornment of vibrant Rose flowers and lush Green leaves that grace the hoop, creating a symphony of colors and life.

Within this Botanical haven, a delicate white web weaves its magic, with a heartwarming surprise, a hole in the center that cradles a single rose bead, like the gentle whisper of a Secret garden. Suspended from the bottom of the hoop are three exquisite Rose feathers, each a testament to the grace and elegance of nature's own artwork.

Why Choose This Dream Catcher with Flowers?

Selecting this Dream Catcher adorned with flowers is an ode to the Beauty of nature and a commitment to protect your dreams with the essence of blooming life. Hang it in your space to infuse every moment with the serenity of white, symbolizing purity, and the vibrant energy of rose, representing love and beauty. The floral hoop is a reminder of the ever-renewing Cycles of nature and the harmony it brings.

The central rose bead in the web symbolizes the heart of your dreams, where the most beautiful and heartfelt aspirations reside. The three rose feathers, each a delicate petal in the breeze, evoke a sense of grace and wonder, like a stroll through a garden of dreams. Choose this Dream Catcher with Flowers not just for its visual beauty but for the profound connection it fosters with the natural world and the dreams that bloom within it, creating an atmosphere of tranquil blossoming in your space.


Let the magic guide you on the path of sweet dreams with your Dream Catcher with feathers. Immerse yourself in its captivating universe and let its wonderful Flowers watch over your journeys, filtering dreams to lead you to inspiring horizons. Also, explore the Authentic Chippewa Dream Catcher, for a nostalgic journey into retro charm. Your spiritual journey is underway. Dive even deeper into the magic of the Native American Dream Catcher by exploring all our models. Each item will help you cultivate inner peace and elevate your soul! Finally, discover the Dream Catcher collection, where each dream catcher is a step towards discovering your inner beauty. Explore them all to find spiritual harmony!

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