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Dream Catcher Wall Stickers

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Dream Catcher Wall Stickers

The Dreamcatcher has resided in Native American homes for decades, providing protection and prosperity. This magnificent talisman crosses the times and is now declined in all forms.

Honor the Native American culture and proudly display this beautiful Dream Catcher Wall Stickers in your living room, office or bedroom! This sensor decorated with roses will make you fly over the daily obstacles just like the swallows that surround it.

Pink, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Purple and more! You can choose from a multitude of colors and sizes. This way, you're sure to find THE combination that will fit you perfectly.


  • Matte Vinyl - High Quality ✅
  • Eco-Friendly ♻️
  • Non-toxic 

Available sizes :

- 57 x 40cm

- 60 x 42cm

- 81 x 57cm

- 114 x 80cm

-158 x 110cm


On the wall, behind a door, on a piece of furniture... You don't know where to apply your sticker? It's simple, you can apply it to almost any smooth surface.  The possibilities are endless!


Easy to use !


1. Choose a smooth, clean and dry surface.

2. Clean and degrease the surface for optimal adhesion.

3. Separate the sticker from the backing paper.

4. Apply the sticker and the transparent paper on the desired surface starting from one corner.

5. Remove all air bubbles. We recommend you to use a squeegee for this.

6. Gently remove the transparent film, making sure that the sticker adheres to the desired surface.



What is included in the kit?

  • 1 Sticker
  • 1 Transfer film
  • 1 Instructions for use


    Warning : Once definitively installed, you will not be able to remove your Sticker to reuse it elsewhere.

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