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Dream Catcher tree of life

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Dream Catcher tree of life
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Dream Catcher tree of life
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Dream Catcher tree of life

You would like bring a new breath to your interior decoration and get sweater nights? Then, associate the powers of the magnificent Dream Catcher and the Tree of life !

Together, they will offer you the best protection you need instead of giving you a magnificent wall-hanging decor. 


Details of the Large Dream catcher

  • Handmade Tree of Life style weaving (Soft cotton)
  • Organic materials, Eco-responsible ♻️
  • Buffalo leather cord: high resistance
  • Assorted traditional feathers

Total Length: 60 cm / 23.6"

Ring Diameter : 15 cm / 6"




A Symbol of Natural Harmony

Discover the harmonious essence of nature with this Dream Catcher Tree of Life. This exquisite creation beautifully intertwines the intricate art of macrame with the symbolism of the tree of life. The dream catcher boasts a large green hoop, adorned with a unique macramé design that mimics the form of a tree.

As you gaze upon this work of art, you'll notice the delicate green laces, carefully knotted to resemble the Branches of a tree. These knots exude a sense of connection to the natural world, where all life is intertwined.

Beneath the hoop, the laces gracefully extend, representing The roots of the tree of life. They hang down, carrying the weight of green and blue feathers and an assortment of beads. This dream catcher encapsulates the essence of balance, growth, and interconnectedness, just as a tree is deeply rooted in the earth, yet reaches toward the sky.

Why Choose this Large Tree of Life ?

Choosing this Dream Catcher Tree of Life goes beyond mere decoration, it's an embrace of the harmony and connection found in nature. This dream catcher serves as a reminder of the profound interplay between all living things and the ever-expanding branches of life's experiences.

The Macrame tree design symbolizes growth and strength, as the roots extend downwards, anchoring you to the earth's wisdom. The delicate green and blue feathers, along with the beads, create a beautiful contrast, adding to the dream catcher's serene allure.

Selecting the Dream Catcher Tree of Life is an invitation to infuse your living space with the tranquil beauty of nature and the powerful symbolism of the tree of life. Let this creation inspire your appreciation for the balance and interconnectedness in the world, and bring a touch of that natural harmony into your daily life.

What does the tree of Life Symbolize ? 

For Native American cultures, the Tree of Life holds profound significance. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of all living things and the cyclical nature of existence. The Tree's roots delve deep into the earth, signifying the bond with the land and the importance of staying grounded in one's heritage and traditions. Its branches reach Toward the sky, representing Growth, Spiritual aspirations, and the endless possibilities life offers. The Tree of Life is a potent emblem of balance, unity, and the interdependence of all life forms, fostering a deep respect for the environment and the wisdom of the natural world. It serves as a reminder to live in harmony with the earth and with one another, embodying the values of unity and interconnectedness that are central to Native American cultures.


If the Green Dream Catcher Tree of life has caught your attention, you will be amazed to discover this Tree Dream Catcher. Imagine yourself immersed in a magical and enchanted atmosphere, where each hand-woven thread is an invitation to reverie. Let this dream catcher embellish your space and accompany you on a dreamy journey filled with sweet inspirations! Dive into the dreamy universe of our Giant Dream Catchers and let these stunning creations awaken your curiosity. These giant dream catchers are more than just decorations; they are an invitation to explore your boldest dreams and embrace the beauty of imagination. Discover this fascinating collection and let yourself be transported into a world of infinite possibilities. You have explored dream landscapes with Giant Dream Catchers. Now discover the Dream Catcher collection and let yourself be carried away by Dream Catchers that are paths to the essence of your being!

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