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Dream Catcher Indian

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Dream Catcher Indian

Immerse yourself in the Old traditions of North America with the help of your beautiful Indian Dreamcatcher!

The Dream Catcher Craft has been used for decades by Native Americans to protect themselves from Bad dreams and evil spirits. Since then, it has been exported and turned into a beautiful Bohemian style wall decoration.

Whether it is to create a chic and Trendy interior or to Protect your nights from the evil eye, adopt this splendid talisman and make your Daily life softer!


Details of the Dream Catcher Indian

  • Cotton rosette pattern (hand woven)
  • Resistant metal ring, covered with goat leather
  • Pheasant feathers (natural origin), safe for health

  • Total Length : 50 cm / 19.68"




    Why Choose a Dream Catcher Indian?

    An Indian dream catcher is more than a mere decoration, it embodies centuries of Indigenous wisdom and spiritual significance. By choosing an Indian dream catcher, you invite the rich cultural tapestry of Native American traditions into your home. These exquisite creations are handcrafted with reverence, reflecting the artistry and Heritage of Native tribes. Each one captures the essence of Ancient rituals, protecting your dreams and allowing only positive energies to flow. When you choose an Indian dream catcher, you embrace the spiritual wisdom of Native cultures, fostering a deeper connection to the land, the spirits, and the symbolism they hold dear. It's not just a dream catcher, it's a bridge to a world where heritage, spirituality, and dreams intertwine, creating a harmonious sanctuary that celebrates the Sacred traditions of Native American peoples.

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